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Assistance: w_b ‘Nopperabou’

PATA’s 1st Response

Making up your mind to do spring cleaning in the middle of the night is crazy (laugh).

The member in X with that’s the least talkative, PATA. PATA himself says “the truth is that I can’t think anything over right?” but I don’t think so. Somehow he’s pretty gutsy and perhaps even a big shot? It’s what I’ve come to think.

HIDE also says, “For our second album, I somehow.. pretty much, when things come to a standstill, in PATA’s case, he says ‘we’ll get through it one way or another’ and does nothing but drink alcohol (laugh). He never gets agitated about anything so, maybe he’s a valuable member of our band.”

Ya, I’m not really agitated by much of anything am I? Not really. I guess I wonder whether or not it’s important or stupid (laugh). My personality you know… I think.. isn’t it human to think about things then not think about it, and then not think about things and think about it.

PATA’s real name is Tomoaki Ishizuka. It’s said that you took the name ‘PATA’ from a manga called ‘Patalliro’ but..

No, I was called “PATA” for a long time before. I was around 17 I guess. But I do like “Patalliro”. Some time ago, the author, Mineo Maya did a talk in a magazine. I’ve always wanted to meet him. It’s not easy for me to do talks. But to some extent with Mr. Mata and X, I’m familiar with it, so I can talk about these things though. I often read manga. As for the genre, I read anything from shonen to shojo [shonen is manga geared to boys, and shojo for girls].

The day before yesterday I bought a bookcase. Before I couldn’t organize them because I have way too many books. The bookcase is 180cm tall and the width and length gives it a feeling like “this is a bookshelf”. When I filled it all up, it was just completely full of manga volumes (laugh). Manga you know, I first started buying ‘Shonen Jump’. When there was ‘The Circuit Wolf’, I began buying those volumes. I have the whole set.

First, it was ‘This is the police station in front of Kameari Park in Katsushika Ward’ I guess. ‘1, 2 Sanshirou’ and ‘Patalliro’. I have everything from Mr. Maya. Then ‘Abu-san’. In addition, I’m pretty sure I have collected the complete sets of them. I have a lot don’t I? I have some left at my parents’ house, so the bookshelf has only the ones I brought on them, but I suppose I have about 300 books? I probably have more than recordings. I think I have about the same amount of vinyl records and CDs. I’ve only just added them to the shelf so they’re not lined up in the proper order yet (laugh).

Though lately I’ve been trying to organize them, for the first time ever. I’m moving them, one by one. I find, once it gets to the point where I can’t to take it if it gets any messier, I put everything back in order. And in my case, I takes me a full day, give or take, for one cleaning pass. But once I start to clean, it can be kind of fun. As I’m cleaning up, I’m reading a book I haven’t read recently (laugh).

In the middle of the night or toward the early morning, suddenly I’ll get the idea to clean, and I can’t sleep. So, there’s nothing left to do but to clean up my room (laugh). Around 7am in the morning, I’m using the vacuum cleaner so it’s really awful of me. When I can’t sleep in the middle of the night, there’s a lot that I can start with right? In general, from midnight to dawn is when you’re the most disorientated isn’t it? For me, at 2 or 3 in the middle of the night, even if I am drunk, I can play my guitar and the tune sounds just fine. When I start to do anything, I can’t stop no matter what. In this way it cuts into my sleeping time. As it goes on, it disrupts my life rhythm. Well, from before, assuming if whether or not you can return to where you were before or not, even that lifestyle is based on a normal person’s lifestyle anyway. I began living alone for some five years. From around that time I have cleaned my room. Well, it’s still an ordinary standard of cleanliness though.

HIDE’s 1st Response

His appearance is very Indian like but, that is merely a fashion style.

Among the other members, he is the one with greatest individuality but, his eccentric and freaky looks and psychedelic guitar play, and above all giving off a strong individuality is HIDE. In particular, people who see the live performance of “HIDE’s Room” are completely shocked. While the foundation of his guitar playing is hard rock, he also adds various elements to his sound to make it unique.

I, as for music, everyone has the same points of reference. Hard rock and also new wave. But, when I play for a band like X, it is in X’s style, with far-off beats and 16 beats that I have become fond of. I like doing a band like X and playing this kind of music. The things that I was playing and listening to when I was alone were different. So, when I do a guitar solo, it becomes something of that world (laugh). That guitar solo now, is about 10 minutes but, I’ve probably played it for about one or two hours. “HIDE’s Room” is not something that I play the same each time. To some extent it’s similar. If you took out the sampling for example. I create the basis for the sampling. I decide on the basis, but I only get a sense of the theme before putting that out. Lately the themes have been “Sex is Violence” and “Narcissus”, the meaning is loving yourself…

“HIDE’s Room”, the influence of positive punk slips in and out of his play and performance. Inversely, it spotlights a negative aspect such as distorted beauty.

There is some positive punk, but you don’t really notice it, so I wonder about that. I think it naturally comes out though. I like psychedelic things and Indian sari but, I don’t really have a particular attraction to India. I didn’t think that I wanted to try it, and I’m not even sure how the idea came up. When I think of the image of India, it is in the same way that when a foreigner thinks of Japan, he thinks of Samurai and Mt. Fuji. So, when I wear the sari it’s nothing but for fashion. For ‘Blue Blood’ in ‘XCLAMATION#1’ we added Bombay bongos but, from the beginning we didn’t think to add it in, but unexpectedly it came to fit the sound of the song and when we recorded it, the sound was interesting so we added it in. India has this “mirage” image to it. A feeling of being dazed… On the other side of that is… something that you can’t catch (physically) and something you can’t reach (philosophically). That fantastic feeling when you’re in a shaking building. This is just my own interpretation though. Well, I don’t really think too deeply about it. More than reading books about India, I like to look at photo albums. I might be the type that needs something visual. Like for a movie, more than paying attention to the story, I like seeing interesting visuals. As for movies that I like, its Fellini’s ‘8 ½’ and ‘El Topo’ (Jodorowsky). Recently I don’t really watch movies though.

HIDE’s 2nd Response

The beginning of the invisible interest that he waited for, rock.

If I have to say, then HIDE is the intuitive type. So to speak, he is seemingly that of a genius, but his character, I wonder what kind of person he is?

When I’m drinking, it’s different though (laugh), generally I’m a calm person! That was the kind of environment I was born and raised in. My family was way too peaceful to be normal (laugh). Well, it’s not like the other families were chaotic either though (laugh). When I was a kid, I’ve said this many times but, I was a really fat guy! I was around 80kg (about 176lbs) in middle school. So I have a big complex about that. But, when I came to play guitar and like rock music, I thought “someday, someday, I’ll show them!” so, I have this kind of complex even till this day I think. I became really depressed and I didn’t even want to go to school, though I still went, and I harbored self-loathing for myself, an incredibly fat guy. It seems that it was only when I had heard rock music that I could let out my feelings of self-hatred (laugh).

Has listening to rock music changed me? When I was a child, well it was small things but, when my parents would say “please come home by this time”, I wouldn’t (laugh). Though it was this really small thing, it was an adventure for me. It’s because, when I was a kid, I had always obeyed my parents.

When I first started listening to rock, it was KISS. I received a cassette tape from a friend. Everyone around that time liked Western music and so I had begun to like it too. Even at school among the people who were popular, and at the time, KISS had traveled to Japan. I didn’t know KISS were people who did such make up and I thought “for the time being, I’d better study this kind of music too” and I said “I’ll take the cassette”. I took the cassette but, I didn’t listen to it for a while. That was KISS’s ‘ALIVE II’. The things I was listening to at the time up until then were only from music time at school and things that children know right. At the most it was things from idols and popular songs. It’s not like I didn’t like those things though. I just didn’t have an interest in those kinds of things. I just used to like to ride my back around you know. So, I was really a child that went everywhere. Music was hidden from you right. It’s something that only comes out of speakers. To hold an interest in something that you can’t see at your first experience with it is powerful. Up until then, I only reacted to things that were visible. I was a kid, but compared with other kids, in those days, I was very immature. Girls harbor feelings like love and emotions at that age. Girls as well, their interests are opposite of things like physics/math/images, love is some emotion that is invisible.

My body had only reacted to an invisible thing only after I had heard KISS. Probably, before that, replacing anything else with rock, it could’ve gone that way too most likely. By chance, it was rock music.