Translator: Juria

* Toshi – Best 10 Four Letter Phrases
(Expressions of 4 characters which are kind of proverbs)

10. 臥薪嘗胆
(To overcome bad times and being successful in the end)

“This expression has its origin in the ancient chinese “Historical Record” but it’s also is very close to us, X. When we were amateurs, a lot of people were against us. No one placed us in their magazine and the critics gave us a trashy reputation. They kept saying, “You are a terrible band” and so on. But we continued fighting, like, ‘Just watch us now! You’ll see!’. We always had this in our spirit. So, even now for young bands starting out, do your best to overcome difficulties! Write this expression in your heart.”

9. 質実剛健
(Do something without being pretentious, being very serious and true about something)

“This was my school’s motto. ‘Accomplishment and Seriousness’. Even now I think about this expression. And thinking about those times when I was a student, You have to live with will! Will to study and will to do things like sports.
Well, I also want to work hard in what I do.”

8. 喜怒哀楽
(Joy, Anger, Sorrow, Comfort)

“Well, this expression is fitting to the history of X. X are a very honest group of people! (laughs)
Well, when you want to cry, cry hard. When you’re angry, be very angry. And when you want to laugh, laugh very hard.
I think that’s a good way to live.”

7. 牛飲馬食
(Drink like a cow, eat like a horse)

“This one is because we of X all drink a lot! And we eat a lot as well(laughs).
In our concert after parties, the bottles of drink always pile up like a mountain, and the plates of food also pile up very high.
So it’s very much like this expression(laughs).”

6. 津津浦浦
(All over the world)

“I always want to perform all over the country, but sometimes we can’t go everywhere, so there’s a lot of people we haven’t met yet. Of course, some time there will be a chance! Well, I think I would like to go to all the corners of Japan, so we’ve been thinking about it. I’m looking forward to the day when we can see everyone.”

5. 行雲流水
(Clouds float calmly, but they never stop. Water also flows continuously, never stopping at one place)

“This is an expression I like a lot. Well, it’s natural to go through changes in life, without heavy attachment to something and everything. I live like this, always going forward, like the clouds and water. This is my resolution to live.”

4. 純真無垢
(Having a pure heart, without desire of lying or tricking someone)

“How should I say this…
Well, if I were to describe the qualities I look for in a woman, it would be this, along with 清廉潔白(Having a honest heart with no desire for greed or evil) and 良妻賢母(Good partner, wise mother). Hm… Does a woman like this exist? Yeah, this is something that I definitely wish.”

3. 感慨無量
(An emotion or feeling that is very deep)

“This is a very good one. Well, always when a X concert ends, there is always a very deep feeling. A feeling that can’t be said with words. I think that this feeling is shared by those who come see us and us, the band. So of course, when you come see us, please come see us with this feeling in mind.”

2. 前途多難
(In a journey there will be many difficult moments ahead)

“Well, we don’t have something like a programmed schedule. So we do things in a different way. So there are many problems that happen for us. But however many problems there are, we always manage to break them and advance! I think that’s a great thing. I think that from now on, there will be many problems in our future, but I think we’ll be able to overcome them as well and advance.”

1. 自画自賛
(Pat yourself on the back)

“I think everyone some time is conceited. I think japanese people have the tendency to brag about themselves. I always think it’s good to think that you are a good person and praise yourself. Without minding negative words, I wish everyone to accept positive words about themselves. So this is the 1st place.”


“So today I introduced to you a few of 4 word phrases.
I think that there is a lot of dramatic element in them.
There’s also a lesson in them.
They are phrases that express some things very well.
I always read the 4 word phrase guide and think, ‘Wow, I agree so much with this’.
It’s a very fascinating thing. I wish everyone can also take a deeper look into them.”

* Yoshiki – Best 10 Perfumes

10. Chanel ‘Antaeus’

“I don’t like this one so that’s why it’s the last place.”

9. Paco Rabanne

“Because the fragrance is not so intense, I think it’s a good perfume for casual every day use.”

8. Aramis

“It’s not a memorable fragrance. But it’s good to use sometimes, since it’s not too strong.”

7. Chanel ‘Coco’

“I myself wouldn’t wear this, because I think it’s a better choice for women.
In the past I gave this perfume to someone I liked, so it’s 7th place.”

6. Christian Dior ‘Poison’

“I like the fragrance, but more than that I like the look of bottle of this perfume and the name. Sometimes I also choose this perfume as a gift.”

5. Tiffany

Once again, Yoshiki says he doesn’t use this because he thinks it’s better for women and it’s another gift choice.

4. Armani

“There have been only more expensive kinds of perfume presented, but to me, this is not a memorable fragrance.
I guess this fragrance is no good for me? But it may suit someone of a very manly type well. But any way, I like this fragrance!”

3. Dunhill ‘Edition’

“I use this fragrance since a long time ago now. But it happens often that if you use it too much, it gets too strong.
Sometimes the fragrance even lasts for 2 or 3 days.”

2. Chanel ‘Pour Monsieur’

“I like this one so much, even now. I was given this perfume as a gift, a long time ago. Since then, I have used this many times.
Yeah, this would even be a good choice to be the first place because I like it very much.”

1. Chanel ‘Egoiste’

“I’ve been using this nowadays. It started from the name because, everyone says I’m ‘egoist’ so it suits me.
And then, the fragrance is something I also like in it.
So it’s the 1st place.”


Yoshiki says that perfumes are not really an interest he has, but he collects some perfumes since long ago. He is sensitive to fragrances so the perfume has to be comfortable for him. Sometimes he even mixes perfumes but since that doesn’t work he usually uses 2 at the same time, one of the left side and the other on the right side but sometimes it becomes a disastrous result. When he is choosing a perfume, he usually goes for the name. And then if he thinks it’s a good fragrance, he asks his friends what perfume they use. And he gets perfumes as gifts, so he uses those all the time as well. Yoshiki doesn’t like strong fragrances and sometimes when a perfume is too strong it can bother people around you, so it’s better to wear a strong perfume moderately.

“If a perfume suits me, then it may suit someone else, right? I’m not here to only look cool, but if perfumes are your hobby, then please try these out as well!”