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Hey guys, long time no see.  I bet you are all wondering why there are a lack of translation updates for the past year(s).  First of all life wasn’t that ideal for me these past few years, mentally and emotionally especially.  I lost interest in anything that I enjoyed.  After a bit of a life change, I’m doing better and trying to think more positive about myself and things in life.  I began translating for myself again for the past month and a half or so, and I come to you today with two updates, a translation notice and non-translation notice.

First, the translation update: I was planning on finishing hide’s mother’s interview from Pinky Promise by Japan’s Golden Week (5/3-5/7) as a memorial tribute.  It’s already pretty much done, but I want to double check and make sure everything is translated well.  And if my current translation is going well, I will be able to post another hide interview from a relatively unknown magazine called ‘Smash’ back in 1990.. that one is not going so well though lol

Now, the non-translation update: While I was getting back into translating (new work at my job requires translation and I’m translating as practice for the JLPT), the mail for the site renewal came up.  Each year the site was up, I paid everything out of my own pocket to keep the site up and running.  I didn’t want to take the site down because despite the lack of updates, this site still actually gets quite a lot of traffic and I want new and old fans to continue enjoying the site as well.  I’ve hit a hard patch in life, and if I’m going to be perfectly honest, I can’t keep updating the costs of running this site on my own.  I honestly hate this kind of stuff, and anyone who knows me personally knows I don’t accept things, especially money, from people.  I’m not going to bombard you with a sad reason why I lack money, the simplest answer is that life happens and the price to renew the site is a hard hit for me due to my financial situation.  If this site has brought you any happiness at all, I don’t even mind if it’s just $1, 50 cents or even 5 cents.  Anything you give is genuinely appreciated and of course all costs will only go to renewing the site/hosting costs.  I know in these times, lots of people are struggling.  I’m not saying that the site will disappear any time soon, but well.. I don’t translate as much anymore, and eventually all things come to an end.  If any of you would be so kind as to hit the paypal donate button and send the site some funding, I would be deeply appreciative of anything that is given.

I’m also open to hear any other cheaper alternatives and suggestions anyone might have for switching to a better hosting service, as I think after this year, I am pretty much done with bluhost.



¡Hola a todos! Soy Sakura, soy fan de X Japan desde hace muchos años y me gusta mucho traducir textos a otros idiomas, me encargo del espacio de las traducciones en español J disculpen por tardar tanto en actualizar esta parte en español, pero más vale tarde que nunca, he terminado de subir la traducción del libro de Toshl en español, para que los X fans de habla hispana puedan leerla y también he subido las 6 partes del reportaje que le hicieron a los miembros de X Japan en la revista Tokio Journal #276 después de la presentación en el Madison Square Garden de Nueva York, y comenzaré a subir la traducción al español de la biografía de Yoshiki que también hice hace dos años.

Muy pronto seguiré subiendo nuevas traducciones, por favor ténganme paciencia.

Sakura H.


New translation of X from 1990 here.  I updated the first three questions/comments for each member and will update them periodically when I have spare time.


I did a live report of the hide Radiosity -prolouge- live and documentary.  Also expect a translation either this weekend or next.


The crowdfunding project for hide’s documentary ‘Junk Story’ that I talked about a few updates ago now has an English page!  Donations can be accepted from around the world!  Currently it has 0 backers.  I hope that X and hide fans can make hide’s dream of breaking into the western market a reality!  Japanese backers have already raised about $17,000!  Their goal is about $80,000.  There are even plans to screen the documentary overseas.  If you’re interested~




I updated the page with information regarding hide’s death.  Thank you for messages that were sent to me, especially a certain recent one shedding more light on the topic <3  Since we get quite a lot of search hits regarding the topic, it deserved an update with additional information, corrections, and an interview that X Japan did on May 6th, 1998.


Not really a translation, but a kind of news update for hide fans.  The documentary Junk Story has plans to be released in America, check out my tumblr for more information.

Also added a link to the Links page for a Polish translation site!  Sorry it took so long guys.


Added a live report of X Japan’s set and other stuff from Lunatic Fest at Makuhari Messe with translations of some of the MCs that were given.


Juria updated a personality test translation with the coinciding interview soon to be uploaded!  Many of you experienced problems enlarging the images.  Basically, our copy protection plugin is really aggressive and it won’t let you enlarge it by clicking it because it opens in another tab where it can’t protect images from being copied.  I just enlarged the photos in the page.  This is the best solution I can think of.  Enjoy.

Spanish Updates:
(Thank you to our Spanish translator, Sakura Hayashi)
Toshl Lavado de cerebro ~ 12 años de infierno Cap. 1


Hello everyone, sorry no translation today.  Juria and I just haven’t had time lately to finish any projects.  We are working on some though, so don’t despair!  I know updates have been really slow lately, the only explanation I can say is that sometimes life gets in the way.  I nor Juria have had any intentions to quit and again we are working on a few translations.  Recently however we have had some good news regarding expanding the site!  We will soon by hosting translations of other languages!  Our most recent addition to our team, Sakura, currently translated hide’s ‘Kogal’ official lyrics into Spanish.  I’m still trying to figure out how to make the site multilingual, so please bear with me, at times the site might not work.  In addition, if anyone is interested in joining our team and want to host their translations in French, German, Polish, Russian, etc on our site please send me a message at admin@xjapantranslations.com.  If you’d rather host on your site, send us links to your page and as always I’m happy to add them to our Links page.


I updated all of the responses for all the members for the ‘Time Slip Interview”……wait for it…. except Pata’s 19th and Taiji’s 16th……. I really tried ;_;


Thanks for waiting.  I updated up to question 15 for all the members with the exception of hide’s 6th response and Taiji’s 10th response.  I need a little more time to think about what they mean.  Please enjoy the rest of the responses.


I am not going to say what I think I can do anymore LOL.  Anyway, I updated Yoshiki, Toshi, hide and Pata up to the 9th response with a few exceptions: Toshi’s 8th response and hide’s 4th and 6th response… I have no idea what they’re trying to say so obviously I couldn’t translate it.  I only updated Taiji’s 6th response.  Regardless of how much I update from now on I will ABSOLUTELY finish this whole thing by the 26th (19 days from the 7th.  19 days = 19 questions).  The future questions are way way shorter than the past questions so it’s definitely possible.


Sorry about the delay.  Work got in my way as usual.  I updated responses 3, 4 and 5 of Yoshiki, Pata and Taiji only.  I will be able catch up to translating up to the 8th response for all members by Saturday.  I guess updating daily isn’t going exactly as I planned.


Updated the 2nd response for everyone on the Time Slip interview except Yoshiki.  His response is really long, so I’ll update it with his 3rd response since it’s super short.


Long time no see everyone.  I added a new ‘Time Slip‘ interview of all the members of their X era.  I will be working on it slowly to get back into translating.  Since I haven’t translated for a long time, I am going to promise to update a new question every day from this interview.  Sorry for a long time break.


A very fast update by Juria.  The last chapter of the Brainwashed book, Chapter 5.


Happy New Year!  Here’s Chapter 4 of Brainwashed by Juria.


Since hide’s new album came out, I got a chance to look at the official lyrics of ‘Co GAL’.  I separated the lyrics into the Spread Beaver version (with video from youtube) and the official lyrics that came with the booklet.  Happy Holidays


Juria posted Chapter 3 of Brainwashed~  Read it here.


I added the lyrics to hide’s newest single ‘Co GAL’.


Some of you have informed me that you are not able to comment or that in order to comment you have to write it in Word and paste it into the comment box.  I tried changing the theme and checked the CSS but the problem seems to stem from the plugin we use to disable copy functions.  We apologize for any difficulty this causes and I emailed the plugin developer about the problem.  I will update you as soon as possible.


Since I received a few asks and messages, I complied a bunch of information on hide’s death.  I know updates haven’t been very frequent lately.  Juria and I are tying up a few loose ends on our life but I anticipate more frequent updates and translations (for me personally) sometime after November 20th.  Until then~


I uploaded a live report of the Oct 1st concert.  I just found out after writing it that it will be on TV again.  I’m sure someone will eventually upload it to youtube.  Maybe then Juria and I can translate everything accurately.  Until then, I hope you enjoy and hopefully I can translate other fan reports from concerts in the future.


Juria has updated Chapter 2 of ‘Brainwashed’.  Check it out~


Sorry for the long wait everyone.  I just did the generator and aoi-rose has won the drawing for X-ism.  Thanks everyone for playing and I hope to make another give away soon!

Thank you all for your continued support with xjapantranslations.com!

aoi-rose, please contact me with your address information.  After receiving it, I will ship it to you.  Congratulations!


Juria has just updated with a very long translations!! It’s the first chapter of ToshI’s new book ‘Brainwashed’  Hope you all enjoy.  It’s a very heavy read, please be advised.  There is mentions of both physical and mental abuse.


Thank you guys for waiting so patiently.  I added a new interview with X from B.Pass May 1990.  Hope you enjoy.


Thank you to everyone patiently waiting for new translations.  I know many of you might be wondering when we will update.  You can expect a new update either in late July or early June.  I’m sorry for the long break, RL is very busy for the both of us right now.  Thank you very much for supporting the site.


Added new work: Pink Cloudy Sky, a memoir by hide’s band mate from Yokosuka Saver Tiger, REM.  Scans were provided by Yoshiki_X.  So far only the prologue is up.


Moved Juria’s translations to the site.