Interviewer: Shinri Itou
Translator: Bunny

Interviewer: Please tell us when you were first awakened to rock.

HIDE: It was during my first year of middle school that a friend had bought Kiss’s ‘Alive!! II’ album. It had the status of Western Music sound, and the members were interesting to look at. I thought to myself “This is it!” Well, before that, I never had an instance where I wanted to listen to a CD. Then, I listened to it at my house, and I began to want to do this kind of music myself you know? I tried it out using a badminton racket and then the first time I held and instrument was my friend’s one who taught me about rock music.

Interviewer: Why the guitar?

HIDE: I liked Kiss however, the first time I looked at a picture of them, I thought “Woah, this gives me a bad feeling”. But, Ace Frehley (Kiss) was the most decent looking right. So since Ace played the guitar, I also wanted to play guitar.

Interviewer: When did you first start doing band?

HIDE: Way after. About my first year of high school. At my school the electric guitar was banned, so I couldn’t start a band, but I started going to hang out at a dubious street around the Yokosuka American base and met some people around the same age as me and they became part of my first band, Saver Tiger.

Interviewer: So, you’re saying before you joined X your only experience was with Saver Tiger. Was Saver Tiger a heavy metal band?

HIDE: Yes that’s right (about ST being his only experience). We were a hard rock band. From listening to Kiss, I came to like punk, but there weren’t any punks in my area, so I couldn’t do a punk band. In my neighborhood, everyone seemed to like Uri Kawamoto *laugh* (a metal artist). So around the time I was in high school, new wave of British heavy metal movement came, so I listened to Iron Maiden and I came to like it.

Interviewer: Saver Tiger had a lot of activity didn’t they?

HIDE: We did lives Tsuki Ichi (Meguro) and Rokumaikan (Kagurazaka X) and we had connections with Plosion. At Yoskosuka we did a collaboration concert with HM, we also put out a vinyl. But, we were lazy. I think we weren’t serious about going pro. For the promotions as well we didn’t really think about it.

Interviewer: Was it from there that you knew about X?

HIDE: I recognized him. Yoshiki was also a support drummer for Saver Tiger.

Interviewer: When did you think that you wanted to join X?

HIDE: In Saver, the members couldn’t see eye to eye, the present Rommel’s Tokihito and D’erlanger’s Kyo-chan and TETSU were members, but the band had changed drastically. At that time, they wanted to try singing like King Diamond or Michael Monroe (ex. Hanoi Rocks) and then suddenly Tetsu said “I’m going to join Mephisto (Fellas). So I said “If even one of these members quit, I’ll quit”. It seems like there was nothing I could do, so the band broke up….. After that, X didn’t have a guitarist and they consulted with me. I had already decided to quit doing band and yet I again began doing band *laugh*.

Interviewer: Did your impression of X change from before after you joined?

HIDE: I thought they were really rough. During their practices too, they made a lot of ruckus so I had feelings like “I want to leave”. But that was far from the truth. They were really methodical and their music was at a high level. First I felt that they had skill. Both Toshi and Yoshiki, and after listening to their music, I felt that if I joined it would be a good experience. I had told them I wanted to join (laugh).

Interviewer: Recording the album was a struggle right?

HIDE: For recording, I knew that I was inexperience but I didn’t think it was to that extent.

Interviewer: After the release of ‘Vanishing Vision’ did you think that you yourself had changed?

HIDE: It seems like we became popular, but I shouldn’t let it get to my head, I mean… if I’m content with myself, I can be humble.

Interviewer: Ok, and in a few words tell us the relation for the picture of the vinyl for ‘Vanishing Vision’?

HIDE: Yoshiki has probably already said it but, “round and around, X goes around.”

Interviewer: Pata said the same!

HIDE: No way~, It’s become a catch phrase. I really don’t understand it though (laugh).