Interviewer: Yuuko Ueda
Translator: Bunny

-Immediately following this talk, HIDE joined X-

(The magazine was most likely put on shelves in March and hide joined X in Feb of 1987. This talk was probably done in February. In the contents section of the magazine it says:

“The friend that ‘Yokosuka SAVERTIGER’s HIDE introduces us to is X’s leader YOSHIKI”)

HIDE: The first time the two of us met, it was at last year’s uchiage[1] or something wasn’t it?

YOSHIKI: Generally speaking, what made us friends are uchiages. Without alcohol, we wouldn’t be friends huh? (laugh)

HIDE: That’s such a sad thought! (laugh)

YOSHIKI: As expected, alcohol is no match for HIDE-chan huh? When he drinks, it’s a cause for concern, this guy.

HIDE: For you to say that… it’s so sad! (laugh) I have 3 ulcers though, and they all have a name. The 3rd one is “Yoshiki”! (laugh) It appeared after I started to hang out with Yoshiki. Generally speaking, up until I had met Yoshiki, I had stopped drinking alcohol! At the time I did a show at ‘Rokumaikan’, you came and said something like “Put your all into it!!!” in a scolding voice and forced me to drink didn’t you. (laugh) When I drink alcohol, I somehow have a weak constitution, when I drank at that place, I almost died you know, jeez.

YOSHIKI: Speaking of which, it reminds me of the time we drank an amazing amount of alcohol in Yokohama. We became like yakuza. We were saying things like “This f***king guy, This a**hole”[2]. Just like this, we dove into the ‘horigotatsu’[3] and it fell.

HIDE: Along these lines, everyone had subdued me as I held a beer bottle in my hand saying “This f***king guy” “You stupid a***hole”. (laugh) As for Yoshiki, if everyone is calm, he gets fired up. They say “After all he’s an 頭くん~[4]” (laugh) Because of that, from Tokyo, we returned home by car driving at 130km/80miles per hour.

YOSHIKI: I even don’t remember driving. I only became aware of my surrounds when I laid down in my house. I was like what? What in the world? How did I get here?… Everything I’ve said up till now, it can’t be written out huh? I didn’t even realize what I was saying… Ah, damnit. Well it’s already too late. I already threw away my pride and stuff like that right? When I appeared on TV that one time [5] (laugh).

HIDE: The most interesting story of Yoshiki in Yokohama: “I’m not Ultraman!” (laugh)

YOSHIKI: Oh ya that’s right! All these kids were gathered together. (laughs) With Kamen Rider on that slope right?

HIDE: It was on the rooftop of the Department Sore wasn’t it! (laughs) At that time, it was the first time we drank together, just the two of us right? I thought, he’s such an odd guy! We were drinking and he was across from me he said something “I like ~!”. When I thought, what does he like? He says “I like Q Taro[6]!” (bursts out laughing) he said “That guy! He can’t do anything but he’s a good guy!” (laugh) I really don’t get you! (to Yoshiki)

YOSHIKI: Please don’t measure me with a common ruler!

HIDE: Measure with a triangle? (laugh) Or with a protractor? (laugh) [7]

YOSHIKI: Hey but HIDE-chan also likes it too right? Q-chan?

HIDE: Ya. When you go to a festival there are mask stands aren’t there? There should absolutely be the mask of Q Taro. But, with a Q Taro mask, the heck, how far do you know until the face ends? It’s a mystery (**I think because of the way the character looks?)

YOSHIKI: It goes down until the torso doesn’t it?

HIDE: Ya, until the torso, well, whatever, even the face or nothing is fine isn’t it? Anyway, thinking about various things, for your birthday you got a Q-chan mask didn’t you?

YOSHIKI: Ya I have it displayed. Formerly, they were made from vinyl so when you hit it, it would return to its original form right. I took it to Yokohama. Was it with TOSHI I wonder? I threw it and it became all smashed up! That’s where Q-Taro #1 died.

HIDE: Q-Taro #1!?

YOSHIKI: Ya. Then, in November when we did a live, Q-Taro #2 was made.

HIDE: At one time, I listened to the beginning of X’s live tape, the guitarist was having trouble, and after that I heard TOSHI say “It was Q-Taro!” (laugh). I didn’t understand the show conditions so I thought ‘what? What the hell?’. ‘Is that guy holding a Q-Taro stuffed doll and imitating him?’ Well first of all, I thought, he’s just saying that to dissolve the situation, huh, but sometimes Q-taro is there. I didn’t know~

YOSHIKI: Yup. Sometimes he’s there! That reminds me, recently, I went to an uchiage as a helper. HIDE-chan, you ran out for no reason didn’t you? Everyone chased after you.

HIDE: Oh that. That’s not right. It’s different! I broke all the glass on top of the table, so I rushed outside, then everyone was saying “HIDE, what are you angry about!?”. It’s just when I drink too much, I feel bad and it sounds lame but the glass was only broken because I stood up exaggeratingly (because I was drunk ***he probably got up because he wanted to throw up, lol***).

YOSHIKI: I had acted violently in the beginning and destroyed 2/3 of that place. HIDE-chan took care of the rest. It only took two people to cause destruction. We can’t go there anymore.

HIDE: By the way, at the “IROHA” pub, when metal comes on, the owner asks, “Is Yoshiki here?”

YOSHIKI: I’m not going there today. Go and say that it’s safe today.

HIDE: A bar can transform to a simple downtown park can’t it. (laughs)

YOSHIKI: “GET ON YOSHIKI~!” then everyone got on me and rode me […this is starting to sound like a yaoi fic LOL] I wasn’t even drunk, and an employee came and said “If you do something this time, I’ll call the police!” I hadn’t even done anything and was even a victim! (laughs) well, another time we’ll do an uchiage to let loose ok?

HIDE: Since everything is like that with you! (laugh)

YOSHIKI: If something happens, as expected, I must drink. I’ll plan it this time! A place that stimulates HIDE-chan.

HIDE: Do you know the way which you say it? It sounds like an unwelcome favor. (laughs)

YOSHIKI: with what you said, I’d rather not bring it up. Other people don’t understand our feelings.

HIDE: I think you understand that the most.

YOSHIKI: I do tear up at member changes, you know. Fans absolutely don’t get that. However grave of a situation it actually was, ultimately I’m accused of firing the guy. This is a hard thing.

HIDE: But, at the times when I was depressed, I called you and said, “we disbanded [9]”, and you said “cheer up!” (bursts out laughing) “This guy! There isn’t any reason to cheer up is there!”(laugh)

YOSHIKI: I couldn’t say anything but that! I thought that I should say something at least. Well, this time I decided to drink until daylight. In the end, we only talked about alcohol. Human life owes everything to alcohol. It’s better than doing other weird things.

HIDE: Oh, then X is healthy aren’t they.

YOSHIKI: After all because their leader is reliable.

HIDE: Lack of self-awareness is dangerous isn’t it. X. (laughs)

YOSHIKI: but you know, a band is like glue. Each person has their opinion, but it’s just what I think. Is it still not one glue? You must not forget the fun times. You must not forget your original intents.

EVERYONE: Wow that was really cool.

YOSHIKI: As expected huh?

HIDE: I want to say cool things too!

YOSHIKI: Say one, say one.

HIDE: Even a dog, if it walks, will bump into a pole [10]. (every one bursts out laughing) It was cool right!? What should I do, hey. (laugh) I sounded really smart just now! Just a little bit though.


[1] Uchiage is a party done after the closing of a live show. It was usually done by bands to celebrate a successful completion of a show. For most bands, this is when they would get plastered drunk. They mention uchiages a lot so I just want to call it an ‘uchiage’ from now since it sounds better than “closing ceremony drinking party” lol.

[2] Yoshiki says “てめー、このヤロ~” “Teme-“ and “konoyaro~” all pretty mean like “You!” or “This guy!” but in a rougher speech. Japanese doesn’t have much swear words, but I translated it like this because that’s kind of the equivalent into English.

[3] I better just show a picture than explain it ->

When I go drinking in Japan, I often see this style, but I hate it because you have to take off your shoes usually ;_;

[4] I have no idea what this means lol “atama” means “head”. I think it means he gets angry easily XD

[5] Before this interview, Yoshiki had appeared on TV for a comedy show. It was taboo for rock musicians to appear on TV and was thought to damage the image of the group. Yoshiki talks about this in his biography.


[7] Yoshiki is trying to say that he’s weird so not to judge him as one normally would with other people. He says not to use a normal ruler, so hide is amused by this wondering how else can he measure/judge a person? With a triangle? With a protractor? XD

[8] Thank so much to for fixing my terrible translation!

[9] hide’s first band, SAVERTIGER broke up.

[10] this is a saying that has two meanings: “No matter what you attempt, tragedy may befall you” or “good luck may come unexpectedly”.