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Assistance: w_b ‘Nopperabou’, yasashiikisu






Check it out!



It’s the last one! I’m counting on you Tokyo!






MC1: 0:19:30 – 23:45

Yoyogi!!! I mean, Tokyo! It’s seriously over!

I seemed sooo long and soo short~


Today the tour is finished!


It’s too soon!/I haven’t had enough!

We made a pretty good video.


My Tokyo customers!

Let me record you, customers!

Let me make an amazing film of you!

My customers!

We won’t do it again tomorrow!

Today we are finishing PSYENCE A GOGO!

I owe it all to you!

Two people with bone fractures, one with a torn muscle and so forth, thank you very much!


We made a pretty good video, but my customers today-

How about it my customers?!

Probably, such eccentric people who came to this final day, will definitely do it right?!

If that’s the case, is it fine to just put out the video all from today in one shot?

I can’t promise anything.

To the guys and girls up on top, I’m seriously counting on you!

I’m really relying on you!

Hey hey, the customers in the back over there..

Don’t make that “we have nothing to do with this!” face!

Without saying such a thing-

As the saying goes: ‘Dancing fool, watching fool: all fools’!

So please act like a fool!

Just like this here Matsumoto!

[hide’s last name is Matsumoto]
With respect to my preference for bad hair styles and for an awful appearance!

Please just do it ok?

Video crew, video crew, please turn the cameras to the customers.

These customers!

Look at all these eccentric people!

You’re not of the ordinary crowd are you?!

Isn’t that right, Tokyo?!

Well, with that, here’s this year’s last ‘Beauty & Stupid’

Let’s do it~


*Beauty & Stupid*

0:28:40 – 0:28:55

Thank you to the guys and girls up top!

Thank you guys and girls on top!

We made a great video!

And thanks to the guys and girls on the bottom too!


MC 2: 29:10 – 29:53

At the time PSYENCE A GOGO started, summer was almost over already.


Until this PSYENCE A GOGO ends…

The summer of us seven youthful men [hide and his band] doesn’t end!

This evening, swim as fast… swim as much as you desire!*

Genkai Haretsu!

[hide stumbled over his words in this. He said [だって]/[datte], but he meant to say [だけ]/[dake] He doesn’t actually say ‘fast’ but I wanted to translate his mistake in a way that made sense in English because it was just so damn cute!]



*Café Le Psyence*


MC 3: 35:00 – 42:13

[hide is pretending to be the store manager. He VERY exaggeratingly straightens out his clothes, zips up his jacket, brushes off the dust on his clothes and combs his hair with his microphone (which makes me burst out laughing every time XD). He also uses polite/service speech, which is a little hard to translate into English, but just know he’s speaking very formally]

Welcome to our shop. Welcome.

Out of the many shops available, you bestowed upon Café Le Psyence, the honor of being chosen by you.

I thank you very much!

For last 2 months, I can’t say everything went perfectly, but we did business.

Allow me to close up the shop and stop business from today on.

Thank you for your patronage! Thank you very much!

On this sorrowful, wonderful, day, all of you have bestowed upon us the honor of gat-gat-ga-ga-*slaps himself* gathering here.

[this time he definitely stumbled over his words on purpose XD]
I, the manager, Matsumoto, representing the employees, humbly express our gratitude to you all.

And also, until today, this day, my wonderful, wonderful customers-

have had your ears defiled by these musicians,.

From today onward, we will go out of business it seems.

Right, I’ve become accustomed to this piano tone, yes!

Ahh.. when I think about not being able to hear this tone for a while, I, Matsumoto.. Ahhh!

It’s really regretful.

Upon the white keys, as if they are gliding, fingers like ice fish rushing about.

This melody!

On piano, Daiji Nozawa!

Oh, yes, what lovely sounds, oh

And now, this, this… that seduces me to sorrow.. this groove!

This groove! Ahh..

On rhythms, Joe.

And, Café Le Psyence recommended singer of the month.

I will introduce our final act.

This man singing in the Tokyo desert, Café Le Psyence’s number one singer, Chirolyn!

Lastly, everyone please defile your ears with this song, “Tokyo Disney is in Chiba”. Please!

[They’re making fun of the fact that they call it TOKYO Disneyland when in actuality, it’s not really in Tokyo. TDL is located in Urayasu City, Maihama District in Chiba prefecture which is next to Tokyo]


Tokyo Disneyland, why are you in Chiba?

Tokyo Disneyland, why are you in Chiba?

If you see from a foreigner’s perspective, you’re a ridiculous liar.

Tokyo Disneyland, why are you in Chiba?!

Please tell me!

Oh baby, yeah!


Café Le Psyence’s last act, number one singer, Chirolyn!


I love both Mickey and Minnie!


That was “Tokyo Disney, why are you in Chiba?”

Yes, this man has produced many magnificent songs for this Café Le Psyence.

There were a large number of riddles and again it’s a riddle.

A riddle on top of riddles.

And with that, this evening we will be going out of business.

Thank you for your warm encouraging voices until today!

As for all of us employees present, I wish for the day to be able to meet you all again!



After all, I love Mickey the best!


I pray that you all have a good night.




*Hi-Ho Part 1*


MC 4: 0:53:10 – 0:55:10

If it’s your first time here at PSYENCE A GOGO..

In other words a PSYENCE A GOGO virgin,

Raise your hands!

[a lot of people raise their hands]

….. thats messed up.

Well then…

*turns into a delinquent*

You guys! You’re doing great!

No no no. I don’t understand you know!

No, it’s really wrong! It’s not! Ahh, ok fine!

No! The older brother playing drums over there! Let’s do it!

He’s great! He’s great! In other words, buy tickets!

There are tickets! Buy tickets!

You can see here!

Don’t see another shop!

Bang those drums! Do it!

Well, Joe-Sensei, this time will be the last PSYENCE A GOGO.

The last time you can hit those drums.

Tokyo boys and girls, please be amazed! Do it!

The boys and girls over there, can you see? Are you okay? Can you see?

If you like buy a ticket! *laughs*

I will have you do it!

One (English), two (Japanese), one (Japanese), two (English), un, deux, trois (1,2,3)



*Joe’s Drum Solo*


1:00:20 – 1:02:55

Joe~ Joe!

How amazing was that?!

I told you didn’t I??

Girls and boys!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

How was it customers!? You can’t see that at another shop!

The greatest! Joe!

Now, this evening as well, at PSYENCE A GOGO, I must introduce you to a most dangerous man.

Though he plays keyboard, he broke his bone somehow, Mr. Daijiro Nozawa!


Welcome to Die’s room!!! Please listen to Daiji Nozawa’s ‘Natural Born Onanist’.


*D.I.E’s Solo: Natural Born Onanist*


1:06:20 – 1:06:45


Thank you!!

Thank you Mr. Daijiro for your last chore at PSYENCE A GOGO!

You couldn’t really move around as you wanted right?

Thank you very much!


MC 5: 1:06:45 – 1:07:25

*hide grabs Pata*

Enamel!!! White enamel!!!

Shoes, even the shoes are enamel!!


I’ll make fun of Ishizuka!!!

From head to toe in white enamel!!

Don’t take it seriously!!

[hide is making a pun here. He’s pointing out that Pata is wearing all patent leather or in Japanese エナメル/enameru. Then he says 石塚を舐める/Ishizuka wo nameru = I’ll make fun of Ishizuka! He’s so clever XD Pata’s last name is Ishizuka]

MC 6:
1:07:40 – 1:12:55

Ok, so together with me, the PSYENCE A GOGO…

I mean, the album PSYENCE, was created in an eight tatami mat room by me and this man, Kazuhiko Inada!

During yesterday’s introduction, I called him “Tomato Head” but I should’ve called him “Watermelon Head”.

Allow me to correct myself.

He’s the world first of the World of Beauty, no-

The world first of the World of Rock, Watermelon Head!

A Watermelon Head which brings an uproar to the World of Beauty!

Buuuut, this Watermelon Head demonstrates fearsome powers, not only on stage!

His popularity increases 120% with the cabaret girls of the neon streets, “It’s Watermelon-chan~!” they say!

So, Mr. Kazuhiko Inada, Mr. Inada, we’ve just finished our performances over the region right?

Do you have any words of enlightenment for everyone?

Um, with experiences from those many different pubs? The Japanese Baseball league pub, the loincloth pub, and what was that, the chibi pub and what else, all those puzzling shops, what’s your impression?


It was really fun.


Idiot! *laugh*

Here’s Kazuhiko Inada!

And then-

From facing from everyone’s upper right hand side the man in the orange colored, short pants, Kiyoshi Honma! Kiyoshi Honma!

Shorts and fashionable boots but we’re the same age!

Dressing himself up to look younger by wearing shorts!

Umm- at this time yesterday, the umm, media youth members umm, were watching it seems, afterwards, umm, when the members greeted me, they said “We’re really sorry that our appearance is really terrible,” they said that but, they’re somewhat good people, so I permitted it! *laugh*


Everyone was just scared of you!

[Kiyoshi’s original band was Media Youth. They were a visual kei band that started in the early 90s. hide had produced some songs for them, so Kiyoshi is trying to say that hide’s their senpai/senior, so they have to respect hide and they’re afraid of him as well XD]


A man who’s character completely changed from his one man tour, Kiyoshi Honma!

Oh ya, that, what was it, uhhh, I was asked to give an advertisement.

Ummm, ya, Kiyoshi Honma is uhh, going to play guitar for Screaming Mad George’s band this month, so please check them out!

What month and day?


October 28th at Velfarre (Roppongi)!!!! Please come and see us~


Oh, when you get there, go on and throw a rice ball at them.


That’s not allowed!!!


Here’s Kiyoshi Honma!

And please go to see Media Youth!

And then- of course.. now on to the likeable witch and loveable lower animal.

[he’s referring to Chirolyn]


Ok, Tokyo~ Here we go! 1. 2. 1. 2. 1, 2. 1, 2, 3~


*Hi-Ho Part II*


It’s a victory! …. I’m going to look at that naked chick over there!!! *picks up a picture on stage, looks at it for 3 seconds, then drops it*
[apparently there was a naked girl on the poster]

MC 6:
1:16:55 – 1:19:00

This evening as well, I will introduce my wonderful companion.

It’s my last order of business.

I-f I- Re-mem-ber- far- ba-ck-, how many months ago was it?

I had wanted to make a duet song. Yes!

I wanted to do a duet!

Buuut, while in the 8 tatami mat room, my canary Kazuhiko Inada, wouldn’t sing!

I was the only one!

It couldn’t be helped so I played a double role while finishing the recording.

Buuut!! At this PSYENCE A GOGO, we have Ms. Rosanne~!!

[Chirolyn appears wearing a wig, fake boobs and dress with a megaphone]
Ms. Rosanne~! Ms. Rosanne makes her appearance sitting on the swing hanging in the air~

Yes, he, I mean, she, It feels like she will swoop down from above me.

Or rather, she is coming down now as we speak!

This large built brutish Ms. Rosanne and I, will do a terrible duet this tour!

Thank you Ms. Rosanne!!

This extremely brutish Ms. Rosanne!!

Until we meet again, Ms. Rosanne!!

LEMONed I Scream!

*LEMONed I Scream*
[They sing this song through megaphones while sitting on swings]

MC 7:
1:22:34 – 1:25:15
Thank you very much!

PSYENCE A GOGO umm, is over today, but umm, just a little notice for you guys, umm, uuummmm, that!

Umm, PSYENCE A GOGO’s Internet page will continue, so umm, we’ll keep doing it so, umm..

In your house.. uh, your computer or laptop or whatever, umm, just have a quick peek every now and then.

Umm, for people who don’t have one, ah, this here!

This thing is we have here!

The picture that just came up is what I was just talking about, our tour diaries and umm..

Kazuhiko Inada’s sex encounter diaries and umm, all kinds of stuff that um, things that I want to try and write about stuff that you shouldn’t write about.

So.. maybe for the those of you who don’t have a computer, umm..

Do a little favor for the dangerous looking oniichan next door or go to an Internet Café or something.

Please take a look ok?

Umm, oh right, please keep umm, if they come, umm, keep umm, coming, keep, umm, mail and also um, please keep sending them to me!!

Ummm, when I don’t get anything from anybody, it’s a little lonely! *laugh*.

But recently, people have given me a lot of mail, so thank you.

Uuuummmm, I’m looking for my dog! *laugh*

*Music for Lassie starts playing then stops*

Right, as expected even when this tour has finished, I can’t improve the plans with anymore.

Like, just for once I want to be able to say, “yes! I planned it well!”

But no, so, even so, now to be able to say it, I can’t say this!

I hate things like making notes! *laugh*
Umm, I’ve been looking for my dog for about a month..

Umm, I went around all kinds of places in the area, however, right..

I said in some hall but umm… *laugh*

Pata looks angry again huh!

Let’s look for your dog in your heart. *laugh*

[he says this to Pata and Pata looks like he’s going to throw one of his cans of beer at hide XD]


*Music for Lassie plays and stops again*

Probably, my customers have no idea what I’m talking about right.

But don’t mind that!

‘Let’s look for the dog in your heart’ I said-

*JOE accidently starts playing and stops when he realizes he made a mistake*
but it’s that right?

The next song we’re doing.. this song is about these deep feelings coming out right?

*barks like a dog*


The dog is in your heart! JOE!!



MC 8:
1:29:30 – 1:30:45

I’d like to introduce an extremely rare lower animal!

I’d like to introduce an extremely rare loveable lower animal!

Hiroshi FUCKING Watanabe! Chirolyn!

Good evening!

Good evening!

Tokyo~ are you doing well?

I’ve returned!

Uhhh, I *laugh* ok, please allow me to sing for the last time!

Come on! Rock and roll!!


*Chirolyn’s Solo: Kimi ni Kawattchimatta (You’ve changed)*
[There are two dancers on stage during his performance. One of them is Hiroshi, hide’s younger brother, and some people say the other person is their father, but I think its Mr. Ito, hide’s head of security]

1:32:35 – 1:34:30

Pata has also changed!

D.I.E. was healed!

I.N.A. has also changed!

JOE has also changed!

Kiyoshi has also changed!

hide has also changed!

I have also changed!

I love you Tokyo~!

Thanks to you, my CD sold over 3 million copies and went double platinum.

I’ll commemorate this PSYENCE A GOGO with a commemorative album and be available to sign them.

Today, I signed them with all my might so please, so please buy it!






MC 9:
1:34:40 – 1:35:50
*holds up an E. YAZAWA towel*
[E. YAZAWA is a musician. hide was wearing this towel on his shoulders through Chirolyn’s solo.]

They’re the best!

Thank you very much!

This next song I made when I was staying in L.A.

I never imagined that I would be doing it on this stage in Yoyogi.

Uhh.. thank you all.. I was able to do this nation-wide tour and visit so many places.

Um.. I’m filled with deep emotion.

Yes, the song, I’m going to do now, with Kazuhiko Inada, we both put everything we had into working on this song in the space of an 8 tatami mat room.

At that time, I didn’t think in my wildest dreams that I would be able to experience all this!

Thank you!

And now I will do the aforementioned song that I put my all into!




MC 10:
1:40:50 – 1:42:34
Thank you very much!

At the Chiba Marine Stadium, umm.. at that time somehow that happened!

Um, our Nozawa Dai-chan fractured his bone.

I thought over various thing about this but um..

I’ve said it before but um.. because he was the 2nd member in these two years, I thought about his character carefully in L.A.

And well, Nozawa Dai-chan is our keyboardist but he’s this kind of keyboardist that runs past in front of me and jumps down off the stage.

Comparatively, even as I’m thinking of these things on this stage, none-the-less, well..

It may just be me projecting my opinion on you but..

In this world, such people don’t lead a boring life!

Such a thing is proof of the existence of the PSYENCE A GOGO tour!

Umm, the previous time um.. ‘Welcome to hide’s room: HIDE OUR PSYCOMMUNITY’, how should I put it..

It was a series of such things but above all in this way.. this reality is.. in this way… um..

The fact that I’m throwing away my reputation by shaming myself speaking in front of you all is in itself a mystery even to the current me!

Generally, chatting like this, MCing isn’t something I’m really good at!

That’s not true!

Stop it with this “that’s not true!” interruption! *laugh*

And then- please listen to this next tune~




1:47:18 – 1:48:12
Thank you very much!

Thank you very much!

PSYENCE A GOGO will come back in a little bit so..

Go to the bathroom

Go to the kiosks

Buy some goods

Everyone, have your fun before we return~

It’ll be brief.

We will return.

Wait a little while.

Please go and play.









MC 11:
2:11:30 – 2:12:35

I understand!

My customers still want to play more!

I know it!

Summer isn’t over yet!

Only I know it!

Pata danced!

Today this is the last PSYENCE A GOGO, but I still want to plaaaaaayyyy!

Let’s allow ourselves to playyyyyy!

Please be careful while playing!




Tokyo! Don’t catch a cold!

[he’s saying this as he’s spraying them with water]

MC 12:
2:23:00 – 2:26:45

Oh right, Pata..

Today’s baseball game!

*Pata waves his hand ‘no good’*

No good?

Ohh you know already?

No good huh?

They lost?

*Pata signs 2 to 3*

You know already huh..

You want to see?

TV TIME! *laugh*

Oh ya, it’s election time as well! Won’tcha vote! Won’tcha vote!

[he’s saying this because there was a commercial playing for the election]
Ah, let’s stop this political talk!

Alrighty~ ah, they’re losing Pata!

How many innings left?

How many innings left?

*Pata signs 4*

4 innings?

[Pata is a really big fan of baseball, so hide probably wanted to make a joke about that. There was a saying in X Japan that no one should talk to Pata if his beloved ‘Giants’ (Japan team) lost because he would be in an awful mood. Obviously hide doesn’t care though XD]


Hey you! Let’s get back to the concert!!

Ok, turn off the TV please!

It seems I have to go back to work.

I just watched the game on TV but.. umm.. you see..

At this time, um.. the league championship.. you know right..

I don’t really care if they win..

1, 2, 3, 4, 2, 3


All members:

Tokyo Mad Hall’s Mr. Ito!!

[Mr. Ito is hide’s head of security. hide really liked him and invited him to be his head of security for his Ja, Zoo tour]
See for yourself the strength of an old timer!

*hands Ito a bottle of alcohol*

Drink or..

*Mr. Ito finishes drinking*
Don’t underestimate older men!


*to the camera*

Drink or die!

[he says this in Japanese quite a few times]
For a brief while, I’ve abstained from alcohol and cigarettes so..

Tonight, I’m going to go crazy!!!!!




MC 13:
2:28:40 – 2:34:55
Tokyo~ I have a lot of stories to gift you with about our nation-wide tour.

I also did it yesterday but, that that was a little bit of a digest, so to speak, so I thinking I want to do something more interactive with you.


Ah yes, yesterday.. today for the customers who weren’t here and were here yesterday, this is the one that pleases me the most.

Number 1, ‘D.I.E’s Tragedy’

Number 1, ‘D.I.E’s Tragedy’

dun dun dun… tissue paper and milk~

[….. I have no idea why he says this…. XD although I guess it fit in with the tune]
Ah, he jumped!

Ah, he went back!

[they rewound the tape]
He jumped and….?

And then, what’s wrong??

…Bone fracture.

And then he was transported away~



Ah, this, umm, as the person entertaining you at PSYENCE A GOGO, this is my recommendation.

Umm.. Because of the extent that that these lives are like, I can tell it’s going to be hard to offer this video for sale.

And then, for those that that didn’t see yesterday, uhh, which is it…?

Number 4!!

[Title of #4 is ‘Pata dances’]


Ummmm, no no, this is ‘Pata dances’.

Just a little big ago, during ‘LEMONed I Sream’, umm, I though he definitely won’t dance, but this guy, as the time came close to starting the song, he danced so beautifully!

Number 4 is about the same as the previous one.

So then, umm.. ah! That’s right! Umm… this one is good huh!

Number 6! ‘Assaulting I.N.A.’

We seven young men, when we’ve finished a live, those might be thinking what kind of celebration do they do?

[Video shows all the members attacking I.N.A. while hide smiles devilishly at the camera]
It’s this kind of feeling.

So, mid-way through the celebration we preyed upon Kazuhiko Inada, the computer and percussionist!

[Video shows hide pulling off I.N.A.’s pants]
Everyone, this is umm.. that, the first gathering of an uchiage [celebration party]!

We seven young men, go all through the night drinking and things end up like this.

[I.N.A. gets on top of Chirolyn doggy style XD]
Oh that, and somewhat.. I can’t let you see this whole video so I’m going to stop it!


Umm, customers, umm hey!

Don’t say it like that!

A concert is something live and raw right! It’s not a video you know!

Anyway, after that is.. what else is there?

Ah, this!

I think it’s difficult to introduce it to you but, number 8, ‘Get up, JOE!’

Can you play the recording?

[screen doesn’t change]
Can it go through?

Can you do number 8?

Is it going?

Will it go?

Ah, it can.

[the screen shows hide standing onstage]
Huh? What’s this?

Is this your way of saying, umm, that it won’t go?

Um, *gets nervous* well, what should I do… *laughs*

[Audience laughs too and tells him he’s cute]
How do I progress…

What? Ah, let’s extend the time for the show!

I mean, umm, since all these things have happened on our national tour! *laugh*

And then uhh.. huh?

[staff talks to hide]
Oh it’s ready?

Once more, ‘Stand up, JOE!’

I wonder if you’ll get it….

[Video: hide and JOE standing on the stage
hide: JOEEE!!!
JOE: *waves*
hide: Joe, sit for a bit.
JOE: *squats*
hide: Get up, JOE!]
[Around the time hide was a boy, there was a popular Shonen/Boy’s style manga/anime from the 60s-70s called ‘ASHITA NO JOE’. It was about a troubled youth named Joe who takes up boxing. Whenever he’s knocked down, people tell him 立つんだジョー!/Stand up Joe! So hide tells Joe to sit down so he can say this line. This is why hide says that it might be difficult to introduce this video to his fans since a lot of them are young and vastly women and probably never heard of this comic before. Although without the reference, it also sounds just like some meaningless phrase that’s meant to sound wise so the audience laughed anyway.]

I should’ve known! I should’ve known!!

It’s too ridiculous *laugh*

I failed! *laugh*

Oh ya, uhh, probably on this tour, whether or not you find this funny this is, so to speak, not something I made to make you laugh, but it’s purpose is to be a simple documentary but..

Um… these videos that expresses many various episodes sooner or later..

Um.. I’m thinking about making it available to you all so.. please! Mm!

Somehow when I look at this video, it seems we seven young men haven’t changed since our 20s.

Young men!!

*talking to his band*
Hey! Hey! Young men, umm, after tomorrow we each are going back to our own work, but one of these days..

Umm, I really want to do another nation-wide tour with us seven young men again.

Thank you very much!


*D.O.D.’s last few measures*
Thank you!

Also thank you to everyone working in bars!



2:38:45 – 2:41:15
Thank you very much!

In Los Angeles, working with the people making PSYENCE not to long ago, and also with Kazuhiko Inada in that 8 tatami mat room, working as if our life depended on it..

Um.. I had thought that I hoped we would do a life tour, but well.. I’ve said this habitually but, at the time I was making the album, I couldn’t imagine that it would be like this.

I mean, at the time I was working on it, basically..

Um… I have a tendency of not thinking and passing time by thinking of pipe dreams.

Umm, I myself had thought that if I could go along and travel, in that case, I would be happy, but..

Umm, even if everything wasn’t to my satisfaction, like this, right now, standing here with my wonderful friends and colleagues..

As far as I’m concerned, this is the greatest happiness.

Above all else, everyone, my customers, my wonderful staff, and umm.. every morning, umm, this menu, for fixing the framework of this concert.. all I did was act selfishly, but my truly wonderful staff dealt with me!

Uh.. and then um.. I, somewhat, um.. how should I say it..

I, umm, there is nothing else but music that I like, so, thank you to my management who makes enjoyable things as work.

And of course, my customers who came out to play with me, thank you.

Yes, and then, the seven young men, thank you. I included myself *smiles*

The next song is the last one but, each of us seven young men will return to all the same places so, in the near future, this bratty kid *smiles* [referring to himself], prays that he’ll be standing in front of everyone again.

Thank you.



2:47:06 – End
Thank you!

Bass, Chirolyn!

Drums, JOE!

Guitar, Kiyoshi Honma!

Computer & Percussion, I.N.A.!

Keyboard, D.I.E.!

Guitar, Ishizuka Tomoaki!

Guitar & Vocals, Hideto Matsumoto!

Thank you very much!

Two years ago, I, who hated the blue sky, I will return to the clouds in the blue sky.

[Just so people don’t assume anything.. although, I’m sure some of you will still think that through this line he was planning to commit suicide, but the screen in the background near the platform where the rest of the band is standing is showing clouds in a blue sky, so hide is ‘returning’ there to join his bandmates]
Thank you so much!

Please take care now and in the future

Bye bye!



[hide and the rest of the band pop out of the trap door on the catwalk to throw picks and stuff]

Thank you very much!

One more time!

Keyboard, D.I.E.!

Guitar, Ishizuka Tomoaki!

[I keep hearing Tomoki though XD]

Computer & Percussion, Kazuhiko Inada!

Drums, JOE!

Guitar, Kiyoshi Honma!

Bass, Chirolyn!

Guitar & Vocals, Hideto Matsumoto!

Bye bye!