To The Scattering Cherry Blossoms in the Sky

Translator: Bunny

The slope draws a gradual curve follows up a hill to the medical office. From the bottom of the hill, I walk up slowly for about five minutes on the path that I’ve traveled on many times before. The wind from the sea is strong. The scent from the far off tide tickles my nose as the wind carries it. Half of the month of April has passed and the spring winds scatters the light pink petals of the cherry blossoms all over the road.

It’s extravagant, and I tread upon a fleeting light pink colored carpet. Under my feet, I feel the incline as I slowly walk up.

Overhead, the pink petals in the blue grey sky melt together in a pink and grey haze. From the station, it’s probably about several kilometers I suppose. The sunlight occasionally shines through the thin cloudy sky in intervals; it’s unexpectedly strong and sweat rolls off my back, but it’s comfortable.

Basking in the morning light, I open the clinic with my key, and enter the waiting room. It was not long before several staff members arrived from their commute and begin preparing for their medical duties. They complete their duties in the same usual fashion as they always do.

I finished greeting the girls and stood absentmindedly for a while in the waiting room. In the room, two guitars were left there. For practicing during lunch break, one more precious guitar that was filled with memories of that guy was brought.

While I drank bitter coffee, I gazed upon that guitar. And just like that, in my mind, I switched from music mode to examination mode.

For me this is an important and brand new time. Come to think of it, the first time that guy came into my clinic, he looked at me with a serious face and said “You, you really became a dentist huh!”

Such a remark that was uniquely him. To be honest, he was tactless. And yet, he was really shy, but completely opened his heart once he got to know you.

I laughed a bit reminiscing a little as I slowly got up and put on my white coat.

—–It seems to be a hard day today as well.

Twirling around from my back, in my office, placed upon the shelves are important teeth molds, one of which I had sent off. Hey, do your best! You have a dream that must be realized you know. Wasn’t that the promise that the two of us made?!

I have a feeling that that harsh reply came from the mouth of the tooth mold. This mold was the only thing that had been left to me by that guy himself.

In my mind, I feel a little dizzy. And then, for a moment, when I take a deep breath, I am met with my first patient from the waiting room.

The sun rays of the warm summer never changes, a calm day just like the others was beginning.

Last year’s spring was the same and the season changed to the shining and beautiful beginning of summer.

The only thing that changed is that he’s no longer here. From the day that he departed, although a year has already passed, I’m a little astonished.

—–On that day as well, the wind was blowing strong just like this huh?

As for me, this time I’ll try to speak with a small voice. So, I invoke the wind to raise up those fragrant cherry blossom petals and dance gently above the clouds, forever.

I’m a little scatterbrained I guess.

While I admired the hazy weather in spring outside my window, I idly pondered for a while.