Interviewer: Chiaki Ide Translator: Bunny The past (1980) time slip

  1. 10 years ago at 13, 14, 15 years old, what were you doing?
  2. Did you have a rebellious age?
  3. What was the first record you bought?
  4. What was the first instrument you played?
  5. And then, what was the first concert you went to?
  6. At that time, who was the artist that you liked?
  7. How did you study for your exams?
  8. Did you have any other interests besides music?
  9. When was your first love? What kind of girl was she?
  10. At the time what were the social customs or any incidents that left an impression on you?

The future (2000) time slip

  1. Do you think you’ll still be doing music 10 years later?
  2. Will you be doing X?
  3. Where do you think you’ll perform?
  4. If you aren’t doing music, what do you think you’ll be doing?
  5. Will you be married?
  6. If you were to get married what kind is your ideal woman?
  7. What do you think society will be like?
  8. Do you think we will have solved the Ozone problem?
  9. What kind of person do you want to be at 33, 34, 35?


  1. In my 2nd year of Middle School, I was 14…… I was playing trumpet in the brass band club but I wanted to do some kind of sport since my body is the type to need to move around, so I joined the soccer club huh. And also at that time my grades were excellent!  Saying it myself makes me feel embarrassed but out of 400 people, I was ranked 1st or 2nd best in the class.  After that, I became rebellious.  More and more I came to like flashy things, they used to call me “Masegaki” [1]; I had already dyed my hair (laugh).  Only the bangs were bleached with peroxide, I did things like that.  Even with my school uniform, I would change wearing it.  I had this reputation for being defiant but, I did things like playing piano accompaniment for choir contests, so everyone was surprised right, “what the hell is he” kind of feeling (laugh).  At that time, I started doing band together with Toshi.  Since we were saying “let’s do it okay” since elementary school.  So then, when I entered middle school, at first we had to write something like “In the future, I’m going to be..”, so immediately I wrote “rock star” (laugh).  The teacher would quarrel with me, “answer seriously!”, “take it seriously!”
  2. Such as school violence (laugh). I did that a lot.  But in my case, because of the fashion that I liked for my clothes or hair, people would really get upset about it, “study seriously and be silent!”; that kind of thing (laugh).  I think I was a pupil that was hard to control.  It’s not like I liked studying, but I hated to lose, so it seems like anything that challenged me, I stared at it right back.  In my 1st and 3rd year of middle school, twice, my head got shaved like a Buddhist monk (laugh).  In my 3rd year, the teacher and three other people took some barber clippers and chased after me while I ran out of the school gates saying “catch me if you can[2]!”, it was completely like a TV drama (laugh).  I also did things like break glass.  Now when I think about it, I just laugh.  My Mom was pretty understanding.  She had a beautician license, so you know, in my 1st year of high school I had red highlights in my hair, and she said “What the, this red isn’t even pretty.  Why don’t you try blue instead?” (laugh).  When I had summer vacation or spring vacation when school was on break, I would go to the salon and do my hair in all kinds of colors.  But I had one or two huge fights where I ran away from home.  When summer was over, I colored my hair red again, so my Mom told me, “Go on and go to school like that; they’ll just cut it all off anyway” and I had the nerve to tell her “stop talking” (laugh).  From that huge fight, I ran away for two or three weeks.
  3. Umm, it was the single of ‘Love Gun’ from KISS. I was around my 5th or 6th year of elementary school.
  4. I’ve been playing the piano since I was 5 years old but, when I was a kid every year when it was my birthday I always looked forward to being bought a new musical instrument! Like a pianica (piano-harmonica) or a trumpet.  I continued trumpet for a long time, from my 4th year of elementary until my 2nd year of middle school.
  5. I saw KISS when I was in my 6th year of elementary school. I saw in the newspaper and said “Oh!  KISS is coming!  I want to go to it!”, my mother took me (laugh).  During the concert you know, it kind of had the feeling like you would see some kind of monster (laugh).  Then, the drum set rose up like “Ga—“ and it was so cool and I thought “I wanna do something like that!” but in my own way (laugh).
  6. It was KISS of course. And then I also listened to Rainbow and Zeppelin huh.  I also liked Japan’s David Sylvian, and also the reason I decided to dye my hair completely red was because after seeing Mick Karn, I thought “woooow, this is cool!”.  I even shaved my eyebrows.  When I went to school, I drew them in; but then in gym class I would sweat so it would disappear (laugh).  I felt like “I can’t do it well yet”.
  7. At that time (in middle school) I studied zealously because I thought “I want to go to the associated high school” and tried really hard. In elementary school, my body was weak so I was only hospitalized, but when I entered middle school I didn’t have asthma anymore; although there were lots of times where I caught colds a lot.  My life was a lot like that, but I also said “I feel tired, so I won’t go to school” a lot.  Before my test though I felt, “I’m going to school, so it’s best I study at home.”
  8. Since middle school I thought like, “I want it!  I want it!” so as soon as I went to high school, I bought one.  I bought the one with the most power.  Then I studied (laugh).  First and foremost, I had to keep up my grades.  Because it’s regrettable for a teacher to tell you your grades are falling.  But I often fell off my bike.  I used to get really beaten up on it always.
  9. Ehhh~? (laugh). This is pretty embarrassing (laugh), I can’t do it.  There were some times that I received letters and stuff like that from girls but, I guess it was really from after entering high school.  I didn’t really have anything from middle school…… I had a girl I really like though…… It was around my 1st year of middle school I think.  I think we were in the same class…… AHAHA, I just remembered.  She sat near me, but it never went past that.  That’s because suddenly my head was shaved to about 0.5mm short and I thought “Ah!  I don’t want her to see me like this!” so in class I wore a hat the whole time.  Teacher: “Take it off!” Me: “No way!” (laugh).
  10.  I’m quite self-centered so I didn’t pay attention to things that happened around me so… well, I guess around that time there was the Lockheed Scandal.
  11. If I’m still alive, I will definitely be.
  12. X is X so I want to, and also until then, I really want to write a song where I can think like “With this I can die [with no regrets].”  Whether I can do this in 10 years, I’m not sure, but I think that the way we are now, I want to try going to a music college.  I want to see how many I can take.  From there I can practice piano more, and even be recognized as a pianist.  As I am now, to call myself a pianist is quite embarrassing!
  13. The same places right.  At live houses and halls.
  14. If I’m not doing music, I don’t want to live.
  15. Ohh, I, haven’t thought that I want to get married.  Since I’ve decided that my number one priority in life is music, if I get married, I think that it would definitely bother my partner.  I think it would only bring them unhappiness……
  16. Even if you say that, I probably have to think about it though…… Right now I don’t know yet (laugh).
  17. If there were still nature left in this world it would be great.  Let’s stop excessively cutting down trees.
  18. How is that going to turn out I wonder.  Maybe the ice will melt and everyone will be submerged in water huh.  I don’t know! (laugh)
  19. Without limiting myself to just 34 years old, I want to be a person that doesn’t forget how good it felt when I came to like music.  I always want to have a kind of innocence with regards to music.  And then, I want to be an extreme adult.


  1. The Toshi at that time was in brass band club. I was together with Yoshiki.  It was called “Euphonium”, I played the horn which draws out a sound like “gyu~”, a hollow musical instrument.  But before that, I was also in the tennis club.  But I quit soon after.  You know, with X, there was a time we went to a boarding house, and above the boarding house area there was a tennis court right, and Pata said “I once played a tournament and won”, so I thought “oh, this will probably be a good match”, but you know, he was so terrible he barely moved.  He just said something like “wee~” (laugh).  Wasn’t that talk about being in a tournament a lie?!  I didn’t learn the basics for tennis.  In tennis club I hurt my leg and quit and joined brass band but, that changed my life.  I started walking the same path as Yoshiki…… It’s thanks to brass band that things like my abdominal breathing and a sense of pitch was developed so even if I think about it now it was a significant club activity.  From “Euphonium” my lung capacity was developed, and then after in baseball club my lower body was developed from running.  At our sport’s festival I was the cheer leader[3], and that’s how the current Toshi came to be (laugh).
  2. My school years were really fun. I used to like the thing called your “springtime of youth” (laugh).  In my middle school years you know, there was a teacher who had the chance to represent Japan in the Olympics in Moscow during my Judo years.  From around that time I was already playing band with Yoshiki, but during club we have to practice throwing.  I had “failed” and grabbed his neck with both hands and constricted his carotid artery, and I caused him [the teacher] to almost faint but I stopped when I saw he was on the verge of fainting.  I was like oh my god!! “I screwed up!  I screwed up!”, and he revived himself like “Haa!” I had said this before in another magazine once, but it seems like that teacher in class said “this asshole, don’t even try saying anything about me”, and he still seems mad (laugh).  I can’t return to my middle school anymore!  Although I said all that, I wasn’t rebellious.  Yoshiki was rebellious though (laugh).
  3. I guess it was Momoe Yamaguchi’s ‘Chippokena Kanshou’. I liked Momoe-chan all during my lower grade levels in elementary school.  It’s amazing we entered the same record label (said with deep emotion).
  4. If I remember right when I was 3 or 4 years old I practiced taiko[4]. Matsuri taiko are a little loud.  At any rate I quite like matsuri.  I didn’t fail to go to my hometown’s matsuri for 20 years.  Even when I was filming on location overseas, I prioritized the matsuri’s schedule.  I said “Well, there’s a matsuri so..” and then I went back to Japan.  This year you know, a tourist guide book came out for Tateyama, and my bare face with no makeup was put in it.  I was sitting on the float with a cigarette in my mouth and under my happi coat was a pair of underpants.  Revealing my true nature.  I was really wasted drunk and was exposed, my eyes weren’t even facing the camera.  Above that picture was written in huge letters, “The guy who returns to his birthplace of Tateyama and enjoys himself at the matsuri- Toshi!” (laugh).  I wanted to say “This isn’t me!” but on the white part of my happi was written “Deyama” (laugh).   I give up already.  Even though I always try to check for troublesome photos, for such a reason I can’t understand to take my photo but for my photo at the matsuri to appear, there’s nothing I can do about it (laugh).  The first time I sang in front of people was about my 4th or 5th year of elementary.  Our teacher said “sing” so in front of the whole morning assembly, I sang “Ganpeki no Haha” with a wig on, wearing a kimono singing acapella (laugh).
  5. It was probably Momoe-chan or Junko-chan?
  6. In my 1st year of middle school for the “3rd Year’s Send Off Meet”, we did a KISS medley. Even from that time we were already making medleys (laugh).
  7. For me studying and sports were in coexistence, because my world was about accomplishment in both the literary and military arts through fortitude and vigor. If I didn’t get 100% in English and Math, I felt dissatisfied, so I studied.  However when I graduated high school, I wrote on a colored piece of paper “Heavy metal is my life”.  Like Yoshiki, I wrote my favorite phrase “X” on things.  That is also due to his influence (laugh).  But really that guy.  Him and his pompadour (laugh).  Well, I guess I also wrote things like “WE ARE X” on my own accord.
  8. Because of the Ivy League style, for a short time it seemed that, “it was the style that was all over magazines sold in that time”.  I wanted the Brooke’s B.D. right, and I had a short buzz hair style, and that’s fine but, I felt like “waiiit a minute, I don’t look good like this at all!” (laugh).  And then, for live shows when I first bleached my hair blond, there was a strong opposition!  Around that time, I was attending a piano tuning school but, when I bleached my hair; the next day I had to take an exam, and it seemed like I was going to be late, so I was in a hurry that when I jumped into the crowded train that was just about to leave the doors shut on my foot, trapping it.  I thought like “what do I do?!” (laugh).  And it wasn’t about to leave the platform so everyone outside could see couldn’t they?  And then with my buzzed blonde hair, it’s unimaginable the reasoning for such a guy to have only half of his body out on the platform.  It’s my most embarrassing memory.
  9. In Kindergarten there was this girl who I bullied, so it was probably then huh? Even now I remember getting angry at myself like “get a hold of yourself!”  I think when I had a proper boy-girl exchange was in middle school.  But to say we “we dated” is embarrassing so I can’t talk about it because it’ll create misunderstandings.  In the end we broke up and I made a song called “Omoide no Nichinichi”[5]
  10. Hmm~, the one incident that really made my heart race with bitterness was the shooting of John Lennon.
  11. [Yes] because I really like singing.
  12. If that’s the case it’s good, but if I don’t have the physical strength to do it, it’ll be tough.  Well, Mr. Inoki [6] does it though huh.
  13. Maybe Carnegie Hall.  Or like playing together with an alien from another planet is also good.  You know, definitely doing a joint concert with an alien is necessary.
  14. You know I really like kids so something like being the principal of a pre-school or making a family…… I like things like cooking.  I want to be able to make someone say “this is delicious”.
  15. Ya.  Getting married, having kids will be good.  In the case of having a girl, giving her away as a bride will be painful, so I guess having boys is better.
  16. A girl that I can depend on (explosive laugh).  Is there really anything else?  I am the third son, so I’m a man of action, and if I had someone who could pull me back, it would be good.
  17. From a mental standing, I think that there will be a lot more people who are able to pierce through difficulties.  So then, definitely it will become more peaceful.  Everyone will come together to focus on important issues.  I also want to become like that quickly.  So that I can even look at the sky and be able to say “I’m so blessed”……
  18. Environmental problems are a serious issues!  At this point I wonder if there is something to be said about whether or not we can fix it but, if more people could frequently connect emotionally at a high level, the problem could be settled.
  19. I want to be an old man with a nice face.  What is age?  Is it a feeling you get from wrinkles?  Ya.  But, for me, I don’t want any wrinkles.  I just want a young looking face (laugh).


  1. My third year in middle school? That was my most heavy period huh, my weight. ……you guys force me to say it so many times.  Anyway, I was a big fat ass! (laugh).  I joined tennis club at that time.  “In middle school if you don’t join any club activities, you’ll be lonely” is what was said, so I said “If that’s the case, there are a lot of girls in the tennis club, so I’ll join”.  After joining for a month, all of a sudden my senpai became so difficult.  Games?  I never played.  But basically, I didn’t know the rules.  And whenever someone was like “Juice!”, I would say “Ah, buy me one too!” (laugh).
  2. I used to fight with my parent’s with all my might. I would put up all these posters of Japan[7] and during the day they would be torn off (by his parents).  But I never ran away from home.  I was that kind of kid.  When I entered high school, the people I hung out with changed too, but I wasn’t super bad.  I never really made trouble for anyone and I thought that things like “gangs” were ridiculous so, everyone you can understand my thinking right.
  3. ‘Beautiful Sunday’ by Ohayou720 (a TV show). Not the Tanaka Seiji version, but the Daniel Boone version.  It was about my 5th year in elementary school I think, they were overwhelmingly popular through the nation.  That TV show, my school banned it so that we couldn’t watch it, so every day I watched it, but now that I think about it, I wonder “why couldn’t an elementary school student watch that program?”  And then I properly bought rock albums like ‘Alive’ from KISS.  That was when I was a 2nd year middle school student.
  4. I think it was my 2nd or 3rd year of middle school but in any case if I think about the first bought instrument I immediately think of my bought Gibson.  It was bought for a cheap price in the American armed force base.  So then at school people murmured to each other “that guy has a Gibson” and for a while they called me ‘Gibson’ (laugh).  But, I couldn’t play it at all you know.  It was sooo heavy.  My grandma bought that guitar for me.  I’m such a grandma’s boy.  She’s a super super fashionable and very flashy person.  Generally, most of the blouses that I wear are mostly my grandma’s.  When I started wearing those Indian sari’s too.  Those were all worn first by that person.  The back is long, so I just pinned it.  She’s about 70 or 80 years old, but she’s still so intensely lively, wearing lamé, and really flattering clothing that looks like Chinese or just in your face style clothing, it’s so cool.  She also wears fishnet.  So then, when I go somewhere with my grandma right, she can see inside my head and even without me saying anything she will say “try it out, steadily”, and then she’ll even give me the money for it.
  5. BOW WOW. When I was a middle school student, there was a culture assembly hall on the hill in the back of my house.  I wanted to go to see KISS but my Mom read about some scandal of Gene Simmons at the beauty salon in some magazine so she said “there’s no way you’re going to a concert about such people!”.  I just said “fine” and didn’t go, but I cried.  “Someday they’ll come to Tokyo again” I said.  I knew the existence of Bow Wow and KISS.  I did minor performances so I was moved by their performance.  At that time they did and amazing show and had great stage performance.  It was the first time to see such a day! (laugh).  From that time, the impact of that performance inspires me even now.
  6. For music it was KISS, for looks it was Japan.  I was such a huge fan of KISS.  When KISS had come out with “Music Life” I bought all the back numbers and even now I have them in a file at my house.  I was also in the fan club and when they disbanded I really cried (laugh).  That’s why I really understand the feelings of those who call the post office when their fan club newsletters are late.  Because I used to call.  My mother also used to call for me too.  “My child has been waiting in front of our mailbox for about one or two hours everyday..”  Things like that, after sending something, you think that it will come soon, because you’re a kid.  Send out something and then you’re already waiting for it then next day in front of the mailbox (laugh).  But at first, I didn’t know about KISS’ looks.  That’s because I hated things that were weird. “Long hair is warped”, I obediently believed that old style thinking, and it’ not really related but I also didn’t like cheap sweets.  When I first listened to KISS I thought “What amazing music!”  And then when I saw the record jacket, I said “How the hell did I end up liking something that looks like this?!” (laugh).  I also liked punk, at first it was The Clash.  They had simplicity and when it was said that “they aren’t a band with a laughable frivolous style”, I said “That’s right!”  Because they were a band that stirred up a young boy’s heart.
  7. I abandoned that. I strangely had more fun while everyone else was studying.
  8. I don’t think there was anything else probably.
  9. It’s not first love but it was a proper straight “emotional love” and “physical love” in my 3rd year of middle school. She was four years older than me, and after I entered high school I went out with her for 7 years.  That person’s existence for me was rather huge.  We had showed each other many things, we were with each other through many things.  She was a person who taught me what feelings and sense were really like.  She taught a stubborn country boy the beauty of things.  I saw many things, I was completely taken in, for myself out of them all, choosing her, it can be said that I had found a true beautiful thing……
  10. What, you mean like kombucha? (laugh).
  11. I want to keep playing music.
  12. We’re a band that pushes our strength to the limits so with this tendency it’s possible that it could change.
  13. Like in a nursing home for the elderly? (laugh).  Or like in space would be good too.  But if you had like a 12 handed alien writing fan letters, you’d need to put it in like a decoding machine and then all that comes out says ‘Yappi♡’, it’s terrible right (laugh).
  14. If I could do something that is similar to my sense then I think it’s okay though…… If I’m making something like a sculpture, I think it’s good huh.  It would be great if I could sculpt something with Yoshiki as a model with a rose while saying something like “Orya!” [8]
  15. I won’t.  Because I don’t want to.  Always having someone around is no good.  Being alone is good.  AH! I won’t get married!  Recently, that’s the only kind of letters I get.
  16. A girl who even if I’m not with her all day and night, it’s okay and give me motivation would be good.  By motivation I mean like with a piercing, “how about here?”, not actually piercing though with a needle or anything (laugh). [9]
  17. The world will as always revolve around me right (laugh).
  18. On this point X has earnestly thought about it.  This time around from Daiei, there is a non CFC hair spray that came out so I use that one.
  19. I like the way I am now.


  1. Ahh, that was around the time I stopped going to school huh. Even up until then I didn’t think that your attendance record meant you weren’t a good person you know, once I started not going, I just thought it was too much of a bother to keep going.  It wasn’t like I hated school or anything but basically I just wanted to laze about like a cat near a kotatsu.  Or rather that’s just in the morning I should say.  One way or another, I’ll try to put a reason to it, after 2nd period passes or 3rd period, and then was it around before school lunch huh.  Anyway, when I came in for school lunch, for one reason or another, the area was bad so, during my lunch break, I did what I was relevant and then afterwards went home in the afternoon.  This kind of flexible working hours is only reserved for executives right (laugh).  I don’t really want to say what kind of clubs I did, but ya, tennis, yes.  “Aim for the ace!” [10] it was in those times.  It was Hiromi Oka and Madame Butterfly’s [11] world right?  They separated the girl’s club and the boy’s club so there were only guys, and they pretended to be like Madame Butterfly.  “Can you receive my serve?” (laugh).  It was like an earth-shattering lack of sincerity kind of club.  When was it?  The school campus was flooded with water and they had to do construction work so the tennis court was destroyed.  So, I ran with other clubs for “basic physical strength” but, my kind of club is the kind that is said to “easily open holes” or something like pretending to be in a war.
  2. How should I explain huh, I didn’t go to school so, my Mom got angry at me but leaving that out, I didn’t really turn to juvenile delinquency. Oh, but I guess someone not going to school is a splendid example of a juvenile delinquent (laugh).  Anyway, was I the kind of person seen as a problem child?  I don’t really know myself.
  3. In my 5th or 6th year of elementary, I bought the phonograph single for The Beatles’ “Rock and Roll Music”. At that time, my friend’s older brother had liked The Beatles, so it influenced him, then me and I thought, “well, I guess I’ll buy the record or something”.  But 3 days later, I bought the album that had the same song on it.  I think it was like a “Best of” album where on the jacket there were the four of them in front of some autumn leaves that were spread out.  Then later I read in some magazine, “becoming mania or something or other” was written.  That’s how far back I bought the CD.
  4. It was about 10 years ago. I was probably playing like Chip Trick’s ‘Dream Police’ intro or just idly strumming the acoustic guitar.  Siblings?  I have a younger sister.  Just for your information my younger sister is really cute! (laugh).  It’s been said although I think “we don’t look alike huh” but when we’re seen together it seems we look similar, thank you.  She’s 2 years younger than me, and when she comes to my lives she brings her friends.
  5. I started relatively late probably. I went to a proper concert, around my 1st year of high school I saw White Snake.  I was in the front at Nakano Sun Plaza.  I could watch them pretty much like front row seating.  I feel like I saw a concert before that though, like a classical concert maybe, but I don’t really remember much.
  6. Chip Trick and Queen, Aerosmith, KISS…… I have all of Chip Trick’s albums. As for KISS or Chip Trick, I don’t know why but I thought “they’re cool” and it turned out like this huh…… What should I say.. that was probably what led me to walking down this path huh.
  7. Like I said I didn’t go to school (laugh). But actually I had a private tutor at home.  I lived near Chiba University so my older brother who was going to Chiba University would come about three times a week and be like “here, we’re doing to do this today!”.  So In that way I could get some points when I took my test but going to a good high school with my record was unlikely so, “you can’t go here or there!!” they said, so I thought “what should I do huh..” so, in the past, I knew a school that was famous for its baseball team, so I told my teacher “I guess I’ll go here”.  From my house, that school was far and took about one hour and thirty minutes to get there, so more and more I didn’t go.  Because it was from Chiba to Kisarazu right.  But over in that area, the fisherman who are all old men and the other people there are really forceful in the way they speak.  Like if I went to McDonalds in that area they’d ask things like “you got something with rice?” (laugh)
  8. I probably did stuff like making plastic models huh. In elementary school, everyone liked it right?  The ones you take out by cutting off the plastic connectors to assemble.  I could do them really well, so my relatives’ kids would want them and I would give it to them, and then when we moved houses, some of them broke so, I don’t think I have any left now.
  9. Do I have to~ (lots of hesitance), I guess it was in Kindergarten wasn’t it? Her name was Minami Makiko.  That’s a great name isn’t it? (laugh).  And then she moved, but I can’t remember where her house was.  And further more I can’t remember her face at alllll (laugh).
  10. H~n…… it doesn’t have much relation but tempura squid snacks were out and there was a band called ‘Bellets’, oh and there’s one person I forgot to mention, my sempai from high school.  So then, now I do that kind of beat style music, but during the time of my school festival, we did a copy of Loudness and Motorhead (laugh).
  11. Won’t I still be doing it huh.
  12. At any rate, I will still be doing the same kind of songs like now, I want the applause (laugh).
  13. At the Tokyo Dome or Rokumeikan, which will it be?[12]
  14. I can’t really do anything else.. I guess.  If I became even something like a host at a bar, I think I would be happy I guess?
  15. At 34 huh?  ……It’s doubtful I will huh (laugh).  But, I don’t really know right.  Because it’s the future right.
  16. I don’t know.  Basically, the person themselves wouldn’t work and someone who will do things for me is good.  A housewife where before I even say anything, has it done for me.  It sounds as if I’m talking about a maid, but above all else if there is love, that is all I want.
  17. I want to ask that!
  18. However, if you’re talking about now, the people 30 years ago are the ones who were destroying it right.  When you think like that it will probably be destroyed won’t it.
  19. _________


  1. It was around the time I quit soccer I think. I used to play in elementary school but in my 2nd year of middle school I quit.  I started liking rock so I had cut out sports I suppose.  Once I awakened to music, it’s not like there wasn’t anything else, but regardless I ran away from priest hood [13].  I was a pretty cheerful person.  I was the kind of kid that didn’t know about being suspicious of others.  But when you look at me I seem like that kind of delinquent don’t I.
  2. Even if you say it was rebellious, it was just a kind of cute rebellion. I’m much more rebellious now.  Although it can’t really be called a rebellious phase, it was around my 3rd year of middle school I guess.  Although I don’t remember the reason why.  I can’t really understand why I started rebelling.  Maybe it was a feeling like “I hate adults” (laugh).
  3. Hideki Saijo’s ‘Bara no Kusari’. . that heartful way of singing.. wait that’s wrong isn’t it (laugh).  Regardless, I like it.  It was around my 2nd year of elementary school.  Oh wait.  No way, didn’t I say something before about it being Jyouji Yamamoto? (Note: EX-CITE first issue).  This is bad.  I said like “I really liked Jyouji Yamamoto” and I even said like “I’ll give you the CD” (laugh).  It looks like I was just saying whatever came to mind huh.
  4. I bought my first guitar when I was in my 3rd year of middle school but I first started playing when I was in my 2nd year of elementary school! Because my old man played guitar.  I would always be sitting near him whenever he was playing while he drank beer.  He taught me how to play guitar.  I played things like “Jeux Interdits”.  The first time I sang in front of people was around that time as well.  At my school performance, I used a pencil as my mic.  I did well (laugh).  Also I did Tono-sama Kings’ “Namida no Misao”.  I even did things like practicing in the bath as much as possible so that I could remember the songs.  But probably at that time, I just had a liking for anyone I heard during that time.
  5. When I was in my first year of high school. I, in that time, was in a band called ‘Trash’ where I played guitar but, the first time I went and saw a concert was probably my sempai’s band at a live house.
  6. 10 years ago I liked George Yanagi. His songs like “Aoi Hitomi no SUTERA” are good songs right.  As for idols, Seiko Matsuda.  She was so famous.  So many people said they liked her songs so even though I didn’t like her at first, I came to like her.  Of course, The Beatles.  In high school it was Japanese metal.  Loudness peaked in popularity, it was a big shock.
  7. I studied a bit for tests but, the level that I was already at was a satisfactory level for that high school.  If you looked from other’s view, I didn’t do anything at all, but I was already at good enough level (laugh).  But you know when I had a test, I studied all for less than 20 minutes and then I was done.  I could already get into the affiliated high school, but the teacher in charge of my class at the time was so dirty!  He was a good guy.  Like a really good guy but the reason I said that is due to his encouragement for me to go to high school, which was a women’s junior college.  “Taiji! This high school is super easy!  Just studying this much is even okay!  And also there are a lot of cute girls around too!” he said (laugh).  It’s all true.  Mr. Nakazawa, but he was so cool.  But you know I also was like “R-really?!”, and after he said that I began to care about high school.
  8. Fishing I guess (laugh).  Ya it must’ve been fishing.  From about 2nd year of middle school to my 3rd year I used to go fishing.  I like it even now, and my equipment only cost about 10,000 yen I guess.  There were magazines like ‘Fishing’ and ‘Fishermen’ but I was covered by both (laugh).  The first time I was in 6th grade.  It was in the evening by Edogawa River and I was fishing for Japanese crucian carp.  From the bank you can see the figure of my back in the sunset (laugh).  That was in ‘Fisherman’ and ‘Fishing’ was in my 1st year of middle school.  At Edogawa River I tried my best in my tent for about 10 consecutive days fishing and they came to collect data for ‘Fishing’…… so lame right.  This many times to be written about is the end for me! (laugh).  But Loudness’ bassist, Mr. Yamashita also liked to fish and he was also in a recent ‘Fisherman’ issue.  Titled “The World of Yamashita” (laugh).
  9. In preschool in the same ‘Rose Class’ as me was a girl named Yuki.  I remember her well (laugh).  She had big round eyes you know and she was suuuper cute.  We promised to marry each other (laugh).  After we graduated from pre-school, we couldn’t meet each other anymore though, and around that time I already had feelings for other people because I thought “I’ve become a first grader” and I had completely forgot about Yuki-chan (laugh).
  10. As for me it’s my experience of seeing a ghost.  It was around the time where Chanels’ ‘Runaway’ was playing.  I skipped math class and while I was singing the song on the back of my friend’s bike.  You know Kawazoi River, about 130 kilometers, we raced along it.  And then from the corner where we turned, there was a car that just came out of nowhere and we brushed against it.  At that point I thought at that instant “I’ll probably die”, and then the face of the person I dearly loved that died when I was in elementary school, my grandma, floated up.  And I without even thinking, prayed silently “save me!”.  And then, the bike was all beat up, naturally, and even though my friend broke his leg, I landed on the lawn and was unharmed.  When I looked at my pants, it was all chaffed.  At that time, I couldn’t think that my grandma had saved me.  And since then, I began to believe in things and had some to have various personal experiences.  For example, having out of body experiences and such.  When you’re sleeping and with a jerk you’re dragged out and your body is just like a skeleton.  When I was sleeping, I could look at my body.  I am being serious!
  11. Will I still be doing it or will I still even exist in this world.  Which will it be I wonder.
  12. I wonder if I will be.  What kind of things will I be doing I wonder.  As a general rule, I like to see things until the end but, then again I could go back to the beginning and do the same thing over again.
  13. On Mars, you know like 100,000 something people could go into the stadium.  And then from all the way in the back you can see it just looks like the horizon.  If I could do something like that it’d be the best right.
  14. If I’m still alive? A tattoo artist (laugh).
  15. I won’t.  If I have X and my staff, then I don’t need anything else.  I guess I need alcohol (laugh).  There’s a saying like “Music is my mistress” but, that’s true for me.
  16. __________
  17. Definitely cars will um, fly in the sky won’t they (laugh).   It even seems like both telephone poles and everyone will be underground.  But recently, there are random advertisements relating to space aren’t there?  It also seems like there will be things like living on Mars.
  18. There will be a machine that can absorb the CFCs from the ozone layer, seems like something like that could develop!  In 10 years it’ll be okay!  Undoubtedly.
  19. I also want to be enlightened about that (laugh).  That’s all luck you know.  It’s not something that you can help.

[1] A precocious brat.  It means like someone who seems more mature than what should be equivalent to their age.

[2] In Japanese he said 冗談じゃねー!.  Literally translated冗談じゃない it means like “don’t joke around” but using the じゃねー is a really rough way to talk to especially teachers and it’s more like a taunt than a warning I feel, so that’s why I translated it like this.

[3] This is not an American style “cheerleader”.  In Japanese it’s called 応援団長.  It is really just like the leader for the cheering section- no cheerleading uniforms.. even though it would be so cute.. and if anyone makes me a fan art of Toshi cheering Yoshiki on in a cheerleading uniform at their sport’s festival, that would make me so happy LOL.

[4] A large traditional Japanese drum.

[5] ‘Memories Day After Day’.  As far as I know it’s not a song Toshi has on CD.

[6] Antonio Inoki, a famous Japanese wrestler now politician.

[7] This is also confirmed by hide’s mother in her interview if you want to check it out here.

[8] “Orya!” is a kind of sound made as like a taunt usually for a fight.

[9] This sentence is kind of completely rewritten by me.  hide is making a pun because he said it wanted a girl who can motivate him.  He used the word 刺激.  The first kanji is 刺 with means to pierce/stab, so he was making a joke from the same use.  He wants a girl who will gently lead him I suppose.

[10] A tennis manga.

[11] Rivals in the manga “Aim for the ace!”  Hiromi was like the new girl to the club trying to be a good player and Madame Butterfly was the snobby ace player on the team.

[12] Tokyo Dome is a huge arena and Rokumeikan is a smaller venue for more indie bands.

[13] This is a saying where you kind of stray from a path you were previously on.