By: Bunny

This is my attempt at making a live report for October 1st at Yokohama Arena lol I’m completely blown away by the concert so I might miss a few things or my memories might be jumbled and out of order.. I’ll try my best.

I translated the quotes of the concert from Hiroki-san on twitter. My listening is still pretty bad so I can confirm what I heard from him <3 He also has pictures up from the concert. Thank you so much Hiroki-san!

When I first got to Yokohama Arena it was extremely crowded!! The line wrapped around the whole arena. I got there at about 5:50pm because I just got off work. Of course as is usual for me, the merchandise that I wanted was sold out lol. I bought it online though, so I will await it’s arrival somewhere around the 10th of October. Anyway, there were lots of awesome cosplayers there. Most of them (I’d say 80%?) were hide cosplayers. There were a few Yoshiki and I believe I saw a Heath cosplayer and Taiji cosplayer. I saw some people in old jackets of X from even back to their indie days and some people with jackets from hide’s solo tours [jealous]. Entering was really smooth and when I gave my ticket they gave me a xylo wristband and some fliers. The wristband was a really interesting addition to the concert!! I’ll write more about it later!

The feeling of the stage was ambient. The screen for the stage had a really nice resolution and the lighting felt good. The background music though was pretty funny because it had like fan screams in it, so it was just a little funny to hear it before the concert started. There was a screen with a request written below the ‘X’. It was just that we needed to return the wristbands once we were done. Closer to the start of the concert, the fans were really pumped up! We were having shouting matches with different areas in the arena with “We are… X!!” and doing the wave and such. It was actually quite fun! Everyone mostly got into it so the feeling was very nice.

The lights went off and everyone did the ‘X pose’. Music for ‘Miracle’ came on and everyone got to their feet. The screen started to play a video of this whispy smoky looking purple flame which eventually turned into a skull. Yoshiki appeared and stood on the stool of his drums and stayed there until the skull turned into ‘X’. The rest of the members came out. They all looked so cool. I was kind of far in the back on the floor, but it still felt like a fairly good distance.

Jade played next. There were lots of fire shooting from the stage. I bet the members were really hot. It was an intense fire show. Toshi’s singing was seriously on the mark. Some people might not like his high pitch, but wow, it was almost perfect. I felt though that they were having slight problems with the microphone? The volume felt very loud. Anyway, who cares, hearing X louder is a plus for me. I screamed quite a bit lol. Toshi looked very happy to be on stage! He was really energetic and gave lots of fan service! He walked to each ends of the stage and let the fans touch him [jealous].

Next up was Rusty Nail. Sorry there isn’t much I remember from this song. I was kind of mesmerized by the green lasers lol. Speaking of the lasers, the lighting was phenomenal as well as the images on the screen. Before the song was played (or was it after?) Toshi had asked us to 気合い/scream and when we screamed the wristbands started to glow and Toshi kind of played with us. When he told us to scream, the wristbands stopped blinking, when we screamed the wristbands started to blink. The wrist bands either blinked red, blue, green, or white. Toshi is really good with doing MCs.

According to Hiroki-san, Toshi said 「横アリハマーナ!!」 “Yoko Are Hama Na!” which is a jumbled version of ‘Yokohama Arena!”

When the song ended, Yoshiki played on his piano and he soon started to play the notes for ‘Silent Jealousy’ Everyone went wild. I think at this time Toshi said something about us being filmed for the live viewing so we should go crazy for them. He also talked to the people who were watching from the theaters. He said something like “Are you guys fucking ready!?” and the Arena all screamed “ya!!!” and Toshi said “I’m not talking to you guys! I’m talking to the people in the theaters!” lol Anyway, I was surprised to see people head banging during ‘Silent Jealousy’. Toshi walked over to the other members quite a bit and made them smile while playing. It was really cute! I was so happy to see Pata give a big smile. Sugizo and Heath just looked more happy but cool looking lol. Toshi spent a lot of time with Yoshiki and wrapped his arm around him. Toshi had the audience sing quite a bit!

From Hiroki-san:

映画館に声聞かせてやれ〜! お茶の間に声聞かせてやれ〜!Toshi

Toshi: Let me hear you scream people in the movie theater~!! Let me hear you scream between tea breaks~!


Toshi: You’re pretty good!

They played their new song ‘Beneath the Skin’. I thought it was a pretty good song! Toshi said something like “Yoshiki wrote it”, Yoshiki smiled and waved his hands at us, then Toshi said “as if there was any doubt” Yoshiki kind of did an ‘ORZ’ then we all laughed including Yoshiki. Toshi also mentioned that Sugizo had written part of it as well.

After the song Pata and Heath had a guitar vs. bass battle. They both played beautifully. They were so polite to each other when one finished playing they would gesture to each other with like a slight bow. Heath played a lot next to the fans and even put his whole body into the audience on the sides of the stage [jealous]

Next they played Drain. They used the green lasers again I think. I really get mesmerized by it and can’t remember too much.

From Hiroki:

HIDEも声届けてくれてる/Send your voice to HIDE as well!

Next was Sugizo’s violin solo. Sugizo looked really cool, fashionable and he killed it with his violin. It was edgy, rock inspired and still yet elegant. Then he started playing the beginning bit of ‘Kurenai’ and Yoshiki appeared to accompany Sugizo on piano. Then they left their classical instruments and walked over to their drums\guitar.

Toshi: 紅だぁ!!!Kurenai!!!

Silver streamers exploded out of cannons and covered most of the front half of the floor [jealous] and ‘Kurenai’ began. Did I mention ‘Kurenai’ is my favorite X Japan song? I loved hearing it live. I really feel that Sugizo really tapped into hide’s playing style. He mentioned in an interview he posted recently that for this tour he really thought about how hide would have played now, but I think he really got it down. ‘Kurenai’ is a beautiful song to hear live. It encompasses the whole of X I feel and to see all their energy being put into the song was beautiful. Many of us were crying. I was tearing.

They had a short break to do an MC. It was just Toshi and Yoshiki on the stage. Toshi said “Do you guys want to hear Yoshiki’s voice?” and of course we all screamed “yes!”, but Yoshiki didn’t want to take the microphone, but Toshi kept putting the microphone to him and he took it and said “How are you?” but his voice was all cracking!!! It seems like Yoshiki had lost his voice!! He must have been screaming quite a lot the day before. It was pretty bad. I hope Yoshiki is alright and gets a lot of rest! Yoshiki apologized for his voice cracking and that we probably can’t understand him. I THINK he said something like, it happened to him before and a long time ago he had a long meeting with everyone and after the meeting hide said to Yoshiki, “Yoshiki I didn’t understand anything you said.” LOL after the meeting was over??

They introduced the next song ‘Hero’ and taught us the lyrics for the song.

From Hiroki

「新曲だけどみんなに歌ってもらうということをやります。 映画館もお茶の間もやれよ〜!!」

“It’s our new song but I would like you guys to sing it. Movie theater people also do it between your tea time!!”

It really felt like Toshi was teaching us the song most of the time. I thought it was great, Toshi was really helpful. What a nice teacher~ The screen played a cosmic kind of video. I guess to match the anime for the song.

Next was Born To Be Free. Again the lasers… what is wrong with me. Anyway there wasn’t much that I remember from here. I remember the visuals being really trippy. I guess I can comment on one thing is that Toshi and Yoshiki’s synergy is really great. You can tell that they’ve been best friends for most of their lives. It’s cute to see two grown men be so playful with each other.

Then there was our first break. Toshi said “bye bye” and we just had bathroom breaks. Hiroki-san mentioned this on his twitter and lots of other people said too, that on the 30th, not many people called out hide’s name, but today it was really powerful and so many people were shouting his name. I kind of agree, there was quite a lot of people doing his call, but they hadn’t mentioned hide much and there weren’t any videos or photos of him at this point as well? Well, I guess they were calling his name a lot during parts where his solo would’ve been. I know I and many other people screamed his name during his solo in ‘Kurenai’.

Then the lights came on and our wristbands started flashing again. They were really going crazy for Yoshiki’s solo. When we cheered it kept flashing. When we stopped it stopped. It’s a really interesting thing to add to the concert. The lights also kind of went in rhythm of the song like when Yoshiki was playing it would only blink certain lights or do a pattern matching the song. Yoshiki’s piano solo was lovely and then he started playing something similar to the sound of a thunderstorm.. then they played a video of a thunderstorm on the screen lol with lightning and then he switched to his drums and did his drum solo. There was smoke coming out of the drum set, but it didn’t rise like in the Tokyo Dome videos. I guess we will look forward to that at the Madison Square Garden concert. He also drummed the double bass with his legs and played on his keyboard behind the drums at the same time! Also I forgot to mention that Yoshiki threw lots of roses at the audience in the beginning! He also let fans touch him. Seriously, there was a lot of amazing fan service.

Forever love came… I cried quite a bit. And actually in the beginning with Yoshiki was playing the piano, it seemed like he was crying and Toshi’s voice cracked quite a bit during this song. They played videos of hide and Taiji on the screen through most of the song. There were quite a bit of pictures of Taiji. I heard quite a bit of sniffles.

Up next was I.V.! It’s probably my favorite of the newer songs so I was really happy! Toshi had us practice the ‘In the rain, find a way’ part. Anyway, this was a fun song because Toshi really interacted with us through this song. I was really moved by Toshi’s kindness on stage. He just looked so happy to be there and smiled the whole way through.

Next they played X. This song was really intense and everyone was really pumped up! Everyone was jumping with their X pose. Even though Yoshiki’s voice was cracking very badly he still got up from the drums and did the “We are X” many times. I think he will have no voice tomorrow honestly, it was pretty bad. He also told us to scream so that heaven could hear us and so hide and Taiji could hear. While Yoshiki was screaming, Toshi played on Yoshiki’s drums! Toshi traded places with him and did the “We are X” chant and said that we [fans] are the best!!

We had a second break. Yoshiki came on and started playing ‘Say Anything’ on the piano. Toshi sang with him, they didn’t perform the whole song though. They mostly talked during this time so here’s a translation from Hiroki-san’s twitter:

Yoshiki: How about it? This concert after such a long time..
Toshi: Huh? Is it time for just us two? Is it our buddy buddy time?
Yoshiki: *laughs*
Toshi: I really have no idea what you’re saying.
Yoshiki: hide also used to say he had no idea what I said.

They started talking about what they’ve been doing since they got back together as a band and the world tours they went on. They couldn’t remember a lot of the places they went LOL, so the audience helped them out a lot. Yoshiki said something like “You guys know so well.” When they were talking about some place they went in America, some girl said “I went to see you guys there!” and Yoshiki said “Oh really? Thank you so much!” This conversation is from my memory:

Yoshiki: Ya and then we went to Seoul… or Korea and then we went to…
Audience: Hong Kong!!
Yoshiki: Hong Kong and…
Audience: Taipei.. Taiwan and then at last…? *looking at Toshi to finish his sentence*
Toshi: huh?
Audience: *laugh*
Yoshiki: Where did we finish the tour at last?!
Toshi: ….
Yoshiki: JAPAN right!? We came back to Japan.
Toshi: Ohhhhhh
Yoshiki: And then…. AT LAST, we finished in…
Toshi: JAPAN!!!!

Toshi: and then after Japan…?
Yoshiki: huh?
Audience: *laugh*
Toshi: and then?!
Yoshiki: what?
Toshi: *whispers* Madison Square Garden
Yoshiki: !!!!!!!!

This must’ve been scripted right!? XD I can’t believe (literally) that Yoshiki would forget about playing at Madison Square Garden?!

From Hiroki-san:

Yoshiki: I want to do Tokyo Dome again. Everyone, please do a campaign to collect signatures!
Toshi: Where should they send their signatures to?
Yoshiki: Toshi’s facebook! or Yoshiki’s facebook! or Sugizo’s twitter! or Pata’s house! or Heath’s drinking spots!

Yoshiki also gave us a speech on how thankful he is to us fans. He cried quite a lot and his voice cracked a lot. The audience kept cheering “do you best!”

Yoshiki: Although our wings are badly bruised, we will continue to go as far as we can to see everyone. I thank all of you who are supporting us from the movie theater, in front of the TV, from my heart, thank you so much. From here on, X Japan will fly on to Madison Square Garden. We 7 members, will do our best to face the world. From here on out as well, we are looking forward to your support.

Next was Endless Rain. Many of us were very moved from Yoshiki’s speech, so I think these feelings carried on to the song. There was a deep feeling of togetherness I felt as fans. Yoshiki had also mentioned the hardships with hide and Taiji, so the song in a way was maybe to help clear us of negative afflictions maybe? Maybe it’s just me.. it was a perfect time to do this song “Let me forget, all of the hate.. all of the sadness..”

The last song they played was Art of Life. They really put their all into this song. At the end of the song, Yoshiki collapsed onto the floor. Yoshiki did the full piano solo, but the song itself was pretty much the radio edit version without the long guitar solo. It was a perfect ending though I think. It’s a song that faces the future, which is what I think they were going for as the preview to MSG.

They played Endless Rain (SE) and Tears (SE) while they threw water, picks, and roses into the audience. All in all one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to.

Hope you guys enjoyed it. Sorry it was so long.


Also, start up those signature campaigns for a Tokyo Dome live!