Translator: Bunny

Manson had asked hide “even if it’s only the opening act, please let me play at your shows.” Then hide counter proposed, “then in return, when I tour America, let’s do a tour together.”

-Matsumoto Hiroshi (hide DAYS)

This was the first time hide had met with Marilyn Manson. Suddenly, Manson had taken hide’s hand and stuck it down Manson’s pants. Mortified, hide took that hand and licked it. Due to that start, their friendship deepened.

-Matsumoto Hiroshi (Badge, Feb 2001)

Translated from source:

Kimura: Hey, you’re buddies with Marilyn Manson aren’t you?

hide: I wouldn’t go so far as to call us buddies but.. there was this one time we were drinking.. he.. for those of you who don’t know, Marilyn Manson wears make up that looks like Q-Taro the Ghost. Just like that he went to the pub.

Kimura: huh? He went just like that?

hide: despite the appearance, he went just like that. At the time, he looked like a goblin for his TV or promotional video or something, but it had kind of this decadent atmosphere kind of like directing something fascinating, but, people say things like it’s Anti-Christian, but he’s really a cheerful person and while we [1] were dancing, we were singing Big City Rollers..

Translated from source:

[1] hide says 二人 which means ‘two people’ and one of them means Manson, and he didn’t mention any other people, so I would assume he means himself. Although I suppose it could also mean two people he hasn’t mentioned lol.