This was the craziest festival I’ve ever been to in Japan!  I loved it.  The food at the stalls were delicious, decorations were fantastic, and there was a lot of space to move around!  For this post, it will only be mostly X Japan centered and half of it is based around my memory and articles and tweets of things they said.

The show was sold out, so there were 30,000 people at this event!!  After I arrived, I went and bought merchandise.  The Lunatic Fest line was sooo long, so I went ahead and went to the separate X Japan merchandise line (which was short at the time).  The merchandise for X was so good!!!

There were some other shirts there too not listed in here.

After watching Lunacy (Luna Sea but they changed it to CY for the opening act) through Telephones, I headed to the Moon Stage where Siam Shade, Dir en grey, X Japan and Luna Sea would play.  When I got there, there were already so many fans there!!  Most of them were X fans actually lol  While I was there Pata played with Tokyo Yankees.  My biggest regret of the night was not being able to see Ladies Room, but at least I could watch the set on the screen.  After Siam Shade played and some of their fans left, somehow I got to the 2nd row!!  I don’t think I can ever get such a good position for Dir en grey or X Japan ever again lol  Sugizo made a guest appearance on Dir en grey’s set and played the violin for 「空谷の跫音」.  When Sugizo left, he and Die hugged!  After Dir en grey and Dead End’s set was over, it was time to be Xed!!

I wasn’t feeling too good though lol.  Actually I almost fainted twice.  But I refused to leave my spot!  Boo was the MC for the opening and he even made a special announcement before X’s set.  He was like “everyone who wants to see X!! I can understand your feelings!!  But please don’t over do it!  If you don’t feel good please tell the staff!!”  Sorry Boo, but being almost saizen on kamite side for X precedes my health in my mind lol

The lights go down and everyone goes crazy.  People are crying, freaking out, pushing their way forward.  I’m hanging against the bar trying to not die.  ‘Miracle’ starts and I feel a new surge of energy!! Yoshiki appears first and then the rest of the members.  They open with ‘Jade’ and fireworks shot out of the stage.  There was fire and smoke.  I and everyone around me was going crazy.  Was I really about to faint twice before??  Then they went straight to ‘Rusty Nail’ which had an awesome light show.  Then ‘Kurenai’!!!!!!!  Yoshiki played an intro on his piano and then went into the lines for the beginning of ‘Kurenai’.  I didn’t think the crowd could get any crazier but they did.  Toshi started singing, and everyone was singing along.  It was actually very touching to hear most of 30,000 people sing along.  Silver streamers shot out from the stage.  After ‘Kurenai’, Toshi and Yoshiki did an MC.

Yoshiki: thank you for gathering for our dear friends, Luna Sea.. even though I had such a good place for recording.. and even though I was almost finished recording (fake complaining).

Toshi: It couldn’t be completed so it’s Sugizo’s fault.

*Sugizo gives a face and the audience laughs.  He takes a bow.*

Yoshiki: no, it’s Luna Sea’s fault, so let’s record here.

Toshi: Today, X Japan will after 20 years..

Yoshiki: hey hey, it’s only been 19 years!

Toshi: Oh, sorry, after 19 years for the new album, will the 30,000 of you lend us your voices?

*Audience screams*

Yoshiki: Let’s practice.  Toshi will sing and you guys go “woah woah” *Yoshiki plays a really beautiful but complicated phrase* Did you memorize it?

Audience: eeehhh!

Toshi: Is it really okay to record here?

*Audience cheers and Sugizo gives an ok sign.  Yoshiki puts on his Yoshiki red headphones and starts recording*

Audience: woah woah..

Yoshiki: This has a great feeling!  Great!

Toshi:  Hey you guys are great!  Wow!

Thank you for praising us ;_;  After they played ‘Kiss The Sky’.  It has a really beautiful melody.  Then they did another MC.

Yoshiki: The first time we (at the time, X) first met Luna Sea was over 20 something years ago.  Regardless if we had a live there or not, every week we would have parties in Meguro.  One day we met Sugizo and the rest of Luna Sea there.  hide said to me, “there’s a really cool band here so come with me.  They are really an amazing band!”  And from there we started getting to know each other.  Because more than band activities, there is a lot more drinking *laugh* When I think about how 20 something years has passed, and making music for everyone, I am really happy.

He then thanked the staff and Luna Sea and everyone, he said this with a choked up voice.  Sugizo came over to hug him.  Yoshiki said “Maybe it [tears] will come out”, Sugizo just hugged him more.  Yoshiki said that this song was really important to him and started playing ‘Endless Rain’.  Next they played ‘Born To Be Free’.  At the end they played ‘X’.  Throughout the song ‘X’ on the left side screen they had ‘In Memory of TAIJI 1966-2011′ and on the right side screen ‘In Memory of HIDE 1964-1998′.  They did the ‘We are X’, ‘You are X’ and Yoshiki screamed for them to shout loud so that Taiji and hide could hear and THEY PLAYED HIDE’S ‘飛べ/Tobe’!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Of all the X concerts I’ve been to, I couldn’t ever hear it so now I’m so happy I could!!!  The set ended and they set up for Luna Sea.  Also I can’t remember exactly what song it was but Sex George from Ladies Room came on stage to everyone’s surprise.  I think it was because Yoshiki said something like, all my friends are here next to the stage, and Toshi said something like oh George isn’t here, and Yoshiki said like, no no it’s okay. LOLOL  So George showed up and Toshi looked so surprised!!! He said てめえ!!

Toward the end of Luna Sea’s set, Ryuichi did an MC.  He started talking about a person who he called his ‘benefactor’

Ryuichi: Truly, there is someone that we wanted to stand on stage together with.  We really wanted him to come but unfortunately, there is one friend who couldn’t come.

*Sugizo points up to the sky*

Ryuichi: That’s right.. I’m mistaken.  He really came for us didn’t he?

hide’s image (blue and pink plaid suit picture) pops up on the screen and they played ‘Pink Spider’!!!

At the very end, Luna Sea invited all their guests on stage to play the last song, and Yoshiki brought hide’s yellow hearts guitar on stage to play.

Yoshiki: today I brought the real one! (the one that hide used to use, not one of the replicas)

They all played ‘Precious’ and the show ended.  Hands down, the best show of my life.