Writer: Akemi Oshima
Website: Akemi Oshima’s Rock’N Roll Diary for Web
Translator: Bunny

“Yubamangashira was an enigmatic series of pages that was published in ‘Fool’s Mate’ Magazine from Feb 1993 to May 1994.

I can say with confidence that the topics were nearly all just stories about hide-chan and friends and the fun we had together, but truthfully in those days, within our circle of friends, we would become excited at saying things like “I want to make a movie!” (of course with hide-chan being the star), so the truth is that we wanted to use the page as a preface for our movie.

While everyone was drinking, we would throw out random ideas and I even went as far as writing out a script and had sold it to various people in the business, but in the end it didn’t go anywhere after all. Such a sad inside story… … (tears).

Well, apart from that, the page became well known at that time due to hide’s mischievousness, so even I’m asked by the readers who still remember, “I wonder if it’s okay if we can read it again?”

Because of that, little by little, I will reissue the stories, so please enjoy yourself.”