Writer: Akemi Oshima
Website: Akemi Oshima’s Rock’N Roll Diary for Web
Translator: Bunny

All around the area where the tickets were sold was really crowded. There were people eating from a huge potato chips bag that was about three times the size of the Japanese kind, people taking commemorative photos while in very high spirits and children running about while holding balloons… …All around the world, the scenery of an amusement park doesn’t seem to change. But even so, there was an overwhelming amount of young people. Probably because here was an amusement park that was full of world famous rollercoasters = Magic Mountain.

Meanwhile, of course it seemed that our party attracted a lot of attention. For starters, hide, Pata, Heath and the male staff all had long hair so, all these people around us stared at us suspiciously thinking, “what the hell? What kind of people are these mysterious long haired Asians?” But, we didn’t pay attention to such things, everyone had big smiles across their face and entered the amusement park. Just only one person, Pata, couldn’t hide his facial expression full of depression and uneasiness though, (laugh).

Mysterious Scream and Mysterious Muttering

hide: “First things first, let’s defeat the strongest bastard here!!”

was hide’s first words, and in the far distance we could see an enormous roller coaster facing us. Eventhough it was a weekday, the line was considerably long. When we lined up there, we could hear the sound of the people’s screams flying past us while they were riding the roller coaster, it gave off a foreboding feeling of doom. I started to get a bad feeling.

hide: It looks pretty scary huh…

the spirit he had in the beginning seemed to go somewhere, and his face was withdrawn.

Pata: If I rode this kind of thing, I would most likely die

he grumbled.

Heath: It looks really interesting!

he said with stars glittering in his eyes.

Those three’s reactions were so completely different it was really interesting (laugh). Meanwhile, finally, our turn in line came. Next to my seat was Pata, behind me was hide. However, before I knew it, Heath was nowhere to be found.

Akemi: Huh, where’s Heath!?

Heath, together with Uhyo-hyung (a Korean staffer maybe?) somehow secured a place in the very front seats (laugh). Just at the moment, the safety belt was shut, there was a sound like “goton” and the roller coaster suddenly began to move. Then, I couldn’t prepare myself and in the blink of an eye, we nose dived! Oh~my~ God~!! Usually, in cases of Japanese coasters, while you’re going up the slope, there is a rattling and you have that “it’s scary, it’s scary” time period before the free fall, but this jet coaster didn’t have such a “wabisabi” sense. It’s just a forcible nose dive! Everyone around us was screaming, and from the back I could hear..


I could hear someone screaming in such a weird voice. The owner of that voice was hide-chan. “Kyaa~!” and “Wahhh!!” screams that I didn’t even know he could make, screams that had turned into words, saying things I have never heard him say before. And then, even more, when the coaster suddenly turns,

hide: I’m dying! I’m being killed!!

he screamed at the top of his lungs. Speaking frankly, for the foreigners around us, it was good. If someone who could understand Japanese and hear such a voice, they would forget about being afraid and burst out laughing… … (laugh).

Pata on the other hand was petrified stiff the whole time and didn’t say anything at all. His posture was stiff all through his body and both of his hands gripped the hand rail in front of him and it didn’t move an inch while staring straight ahead and didn’t even tremble at all. Then when we got to the gentle place between slopes,

Pata: Next it will turn left. And then after that we will climb up, then after again we’ll drop

he would say in a grumbling manner. After that,

Pata: Because next to me was Ake-chan screaming “kyaa kyaa” sounding so scared, so I just wanted to let her know!

he said so but according to hide

hide: wasn’t it just because when you didn’t say anything, you felt uneasy?

Anyway, Pata’s behavior was really strange.

In this way, when there was a slope, from behind I would hear strange screams and during the gentle areas, from next to me I would hear commentary like some kind of sutra. It was a curious personal experience. I just screamed and laughed loudly. Finally, the coaster had returned to the starting point and we were really tired out. Both Pata and hide took some time to step off the ride, kind of like a lingering moment of enjoying themselves (?) Silence. One person said grinning,

Heath: That was so fun! But, it wasn’t really that bad right?

he said with such composed remark, and I side glanced at heath with a withdrawn smiling face. However, right after that,

hide: the roller coaster we just rode is just average and there are still a lot more amazing ones.

he said a matter of factly. And then I heard,

Heath: Oh really? I’m looking forward to it!

he said with a big smile across his whole face with increasing spirit.

hide: I won’t lose to roller coasters!

he said with his previous stiff facial expression burning with a strange fighting spirit. And then Pata,

Pata: After all, I really hate things like roller coasters

he said with a defeated expression. In this way, our group faced our next aim, we began to walk silently.

The Gongola Ride That Backfired

The next thing we rode was named ‘Ninja’. This was a roller coaster where the track was above the car instead of below the car, at first glance, it looked really fun, but, the swaying from left to right was pretty scary.

Pata: I’ll pass

he said and rested under the shade of a tree. However,

hide: this kind of thing is no problem!

he seemed naïve and said after experiencing the unexpected thrill

hide: it seemed so fun at first because of the swaying but I was tricked!

he said wrathfully (laugh).

After that, we got on the Colossus which is one of the most noted coaster at the edge of the park. It was made entirely of wood and it boasted approximately three minutes of riding time which was the leading time in the world. But from where we were, the area that it was in was pretty far from where we were. Anyway, Japanese amusement parks have no comparison with Magic Mountain in terms of space. It seemed to be considerably difficult to cross for Pata who was already weakened from the day.

At that time, I incidentally looked up and just in the inside garden, I caught sight of a gondola crossing in the air. When I checked the map, the entrance of the Colossus was right exactly where the gondola would drop us off.

Akemi: Hey, since this is going to take us to the other side of the park, let’s ride that!

Pata: It’s not a roller coaster right.

Akemi: No, it’s a gondola. If we ride that, we wouldn’t have to walk!

Pata: It’s not scary right..

Akemi: I think it’ll be fine.

And so, we boarded the gondola with Pata only half convinced.

However…, the gondola which seemed to be gentle, had started with great force when it left the platform into the air. In the front of the gondola, hide was supposed to take a picture of our gondola, but from the excessive force, he hastily grabbed onto the handrail. Furthermore, looking from above, we were really high up. To look over the huge amusement park from one end to the other, from above the people walking below did not even look like the size of a grain of rice. Moreover, the way it rocked back and forth ominously. It was a vehicle with a different kind of reason for feeling scared than a roller coaster.

Pata: No matter where I go it’s all scary!

he said with his eyes becoming like triangles ((t/n: it means he was angry and if you think of manga, sometimes you see that when a character is angry their eyes take on a triangle shape))

Pata: Even more than roller coasters, I really hate rides where there is that insecurity of nothing below your feet!

he said.

Akemi: But Pata-chan, the scenery is really pretty!

the pitiful me was trying to desperately think up of a good excuse somehow. But hide and Heath too..

hide: This is scarier than roller coasters.

Heath: Who was it that said that we should ride this thing?

they bullied me and I completely became small. Even though my intentions were that so no one needed to walk too much… … (sniffle)