Writer: Akemi Oshima
Website: Akemi Oshima’s Rock’N Roll Diary for Web
Translator: Bunny

One night when we were drinking with the usual 4-5 people, suddenly, hide had dropped a bombshell announcement on us, “I had sex with an alien once!” I don’t remember at all how we came to that conversation. Back in those days when I was doing the manga for ‘Rock and Roll Diaries’ , at those times, I would frequently go drinking together with everyone, but generally the same members of our usual drinking group would assemble and they didn’t feel anything wrong about letting a girl drink with them. In those days, the musicians would tour from province to province and everyone would cut loose to relieve stress, but the members of X were really quite a sight to see when they were drinking. Anyway, there are a few stories I can’t talk about you know. That hide-chan, he said something like “I had sex with an alien”, everyone was really astonished but, at that time his motto was “It’s better to tell a lie that makes everyone laugh than tell boring truths”, so nobody had believed him. Exactly at that time, hide took strange pleasure in “telling various jokes to make up a distorted, amusing conversation”, so we all just thought, “oh, hide is trying to make people laugh again in this weird way.” Everyone was saying things like “are you sure it wasn’t just a transvestite?” or “didn’t you just mistake some normal girl for that?”, but hide was really adamant about it and insisted, “No I really did!” “Why did you think that she was an alien?” we asked and in great minute detail, he explained but, I think hide-chan just wanted to have some indecent talk about sex.