People know this man by many names: HIDE, hide, hide-chan, Hideto, 松本秀人(Matsumoto Hideto). Did you know hide has a posthumous name?

Because hide’s family is Buddhist (Honganji sect), he was therefore given a posthumous name when he passed away:

秀徳院釋慈音(しゅうとくいん しゃくじおん) [Shuutoku Inshaku Jion]

‘秀’ can be read as ‘shuu’ or ‘hide’ and means superior or excellent. (hide’s real first name, Hideto, means ‘Excellent Person’)

‘徳’ means virtuous or benevolent

‘院釋’ is a kind of title tag that signifies that this is a posthumous male name

‘慈音’ could mean either affectionate/merciful/benevolent sound.

If I were to translate it in English I would say:

The Late (Mr.) Benevolent Hide* of Merciful Sound

*I know it’s technically Mr. Shuutoku (or Benevolent Shuu) of Merciful Sound, but seeing the intention was to keep the character for ‘hide’ and translating it to Shuutoku loses the meaning behind it I think.