What is X-Press?
A fan-site of an archive of translations from dedicated to X Japan and it’s associations. run by translators, Bunny and Juria.  ‘X-Press’ was the title of X Japan’s fan club magazine before it was terminated following their initial breakup in 1997.  X Japan reunited in 2007.  We felt it was appropriate to name the site after their revival.

Can I re-post your translations on Facebook or any other site?
Absolutely not.  You may link to our page, but please do not re-post interviews to any media site.  If you are going to quote from this site then please link back.  This is a frequent problem for translators and it is only respectful to credit people for the time they spent and doing it for free.  Spreading the band is a plus, but please understand: no one wants to do something that they don’t get paid for or enjoy.  Please respect our rule on this.  Continued uncredited translations will eventually resort in us not wanting to post our translations, simply because it will no longer be enjoyable and no other reason than that.

Can I translate your translations into another language?
Yes, like above, we only ask you to link back to the where you received the information from.  If you need the English text then please message us and we will attach it to an email for you.

How can I contact you?

Can I request you to translate something?
It depends on our schedule.  It depends on material (longer features will take longer).  That is, if you have the original text or a high quality scanned image of the text.  (Of course, related to X Japan and associates!)  If you wish, we will give you credit for the original text contribution.  We will not do materials that other translators are in progress of translating.  If it seems like they’ll never get to it, we will message them first; but if they reject our request, there’s nothing we can do about it.

Some part of a text is missing/you translated a thing wrong… Are you incompetent?
We are not a professionals. We don’t profit translating. We do it for fun, self-study and maybe meeting fellow fans.  We have lives, and push out translations we feel confident about at our pace.  We are also dealing with one language we are not completely fluent in; and although we run the site together, we do not check each others translations.  Translations may not be 100% correct and are subject to change at any time without notification.

A part is incorrect? Surely this will happen. We are studying and improving. There will be errors along the way.  A part is missing? Probably because it was illegible or we simply just don’t know/can’t figure out how to translate it properly.  We are constantly updating what we have translated in the past.
Especially the first translations, because we are very aware of possible errors.

Where are the pictures from?
The scans illustrating the translation are in most part, from the livejournal jrockscans community and magazines we buy and scan ourselves.  Some are also not sourced, found on the internet.  If you see a picture that is your scan that you wish removed or credited, please contact us.

Why is hide’s name separated from X Japan?

The ‘hide’ page is of hide’s solo works.  If we ever make translations of the other member’s solo works, we will give them their own pages as well.  If the interview has nothing to do with their solo works, it will be under ‘X Japan’.

May I submit something?

Yes, of course.  We will absolutely credit you.

Could I ask you a question regarding X Japan?

We will answer to the best of our ability, but only if it doesn’t compromise their private lives or has been said by them publicly.