Translator: Bunny


They ask Yoshiki to tell them a story about kissing, but he’s really shy to answer them. He gets up and walks away frequently and stutters a lot lol.. they ask him if he’s kissed before and he becomes embarrased again and the main interviewer relentlessly teases him XD he says he has kissed for his promotional video but it was for work. They tease him about something else but I can’t catch it but he hides behind hide and walks away again. They tell him to sit down and choose a panel. He picks number 1 and it says “an embarrassing moment”. Yoshiki says “this show” lol but then says that he had to undress and be naked to a photoshoot. I think he had underwear on but he says that he’s really shy about being like this in front of others to the point he feels like crying. He says that during that shoot he accidentally locked himself in the dressing room and the interviewers claim he did it on purpose. hide starts laughing. Then they ask hide to say an embarrassing story so he says one of Yoshiki instead of himself Lol. He said Yoshiki is so embarrased that when he’s changing he says to him “hide-chan I’m changing so don’t come in.” But when he comes out he hadn’t really changed from when he first went in so its really strange.