I got to the theater at about 4:00 pm and there were a few people waiting around the gates.  I took some pictures of the displays and flowers.


Still a bit under construction.


Entrance showing hide’s show info.


Left is from hide’s dad, “Matsumoto Mitsuru”. Middle is hide’s younger brother, “Matsumoto Hiroshi”. Right from left is from INA.


Left is from “Mori Yukinojo” who wrote the lyrics to “Eyes Love You” and “50%&50%”.  Middle is from Sega Company.  Right is from Sony Entertainment.


Left is from m-up (they did production work for hide’s solo career).  Middle is Trickster Entertainment (I think it’s more for the theater rather than for hide).  Right is from Sotetsu Urban Creates (the mall it’s located next to).


I hope they end up selling this poster.  It’s so beautiful.

I just waited in line for goods and then queued up to go inside.  The building had such a… “new building smell” lol  Anyway the inside is pretty much like a theater, so there was a snack/drinks stand and the seats are all numbered like a movie theater.  They gave us all a pink glow stick as a present to use during the live.  There were cameras everywhere from the media.. I felt a little uncomfortable lol


Anyway the stage was smallish.  The theater can hold a bit under 400 people.

You can kind of see in the picture, but there is a kind of screen in front of the LED back screen.  I read up a little bit of it and it’s basically part of how the make the hologram.  If you want details you can check out this site.  It’s in Japanese and I don’t really understand it myself, so I can’t really translate it lol.

Setlist… lol honestly I forgot.. I’m so not good at remembering setlists.. especially the order.. so this is just a list of the songs they played:

  1. Psyence
  2. Rocket Dive
  3. Pink Spider
  4. Eyes Love You
  5. Tell Me
  6. Pose
  7. Doubt ’97 (MIXED LEMONed JELLY MIX)
  8. ever free (? – I’m kinda unsure if I heard this in the live or just in the documentary bit)
  9. Junk Story
  10. 子ギャル

I just remember they opened with Psyence which had a lot of psychedelic LED projections and on the LED screen they showed planets and outer space imagery.  There were the words ‘connecting’ repeating on the screen.  Like those days when we all had dial up lol  Then came Rocket Dive.. hide just walked onto the stage and I burst into tears lol  and basically everyone around me did the same.  Either screaming his name or crying.  It looked that real.  Basically through most of the set I was crying lol  I just kept thinking “it’s so real”.  Although there were some parts where I could see that it was a hologram.  And by that I just mean that, the movements didn’t seem smooth I suppose.  They were movements which I think hide would have done, but I guess the actor (body was an actor, greened out his skin parts and they digitized hide’s hands and head) who did the dances for hide’s body.. or what he was told to do seemed just a tad bit off.  Don’t get me wrong though the body actor was phenomenal.  From all the videos I’ve seen of hide, he knew every quirk and had most of his movements down!  I guess what I’m saying is that you can’t beat the original? lol The graphics though were unbelievable.  Every mouth movement was on point.  I almost convinced myself I was watching the real hide.. and therefore cried basically all the way through lol.  A note about 子ギャル, they didn’t actually play it.  They were playing the beginning part but then there was basically a “glitch” and then the words “disconnecting” flashed on the screen and the prologue live ended.

The images of hide were all of him from around 1997-1998.  In the documentary part after, they were saying that they wanted to have a hide that was facing the future.  INA and Hiroshi spoke mostly through the documentary and so did Transic Nerve.  They were showing the process of how the hologram was created.  Basically they wanted to make it seem like a real live performance.  They were discussing what guitars to use and which he used for recording versus live performances.  INA was saying that instead of having members of Spread Beaver and recycling old material, he thought it was best to face forward and move onto something new.  This is why he asked Transtic Nerve (now defspiral) to play hide’s guitars for the hologram live.  Hiroshi basically said that they did this hologram live because “there are many people who couldn’t meet hide”, when he said these words, I heard lots of people kind of wail out.  I think more than half of the fans there were fans who couldn’t see his lives.  I think Hiroshi, INA, Transtic Nerve/defspiral, and anyone else involved worked really really hard on this event!  At the end, they were saying that they wanted to have people talk to the media in the theater and said that if you were busy or didn’t want to then maybe you should leave.

So I left lol.. I’m not very confident in my Japanese speaking ability and I didn’t want to be on TV.

It’s kind of good I left though because… as I was exiting, I walked past the sign at the entrance, and I wanted to take a photo of it lit up.  I was kind of waiting for the other person when I glanced at his face.  I did a double look and in my mind I was thinking “no.. it can’t be” and I guess he realized I recognized him and he nodded and smiled at me.  It was INA!  I just said “INA-san?” and he looked at me and nodded and smiled.  His eyes looked kind of tired/red and he was wearing a surgical mask.  I guess he didn’t want to be recognized.  I just told him お疲れ様ですした!(Thank you for your hard work!) and I asked if it was okay if we took a picture, but he put his hands up in an ‘X’ and said ダメ (I can’t).  I’m sorry for asking INA!  Whether it was just because you didn’t want to take a picture or some other reason, I’m sorry for asking! ゚(゚´Д`゚)゚ I felt bad for asking and I walked the other way saying 失礼致しました。すみませんでした。(That was so rude of me.  I’m sorry.)  I thought I heard him say 大丈夫(It’s fine) but I passed him and hurried in the other direction out of embarrassment lol.  I shouldn’t have asked after all.

Getting out of work early, seeing hide, embarrassing myself in front of INA.  It was a good day.