Collection List

What is this?

It’s our collection list- a list of works we currently have at the moment.  We hope to translate everything on (and missing) from it.  We created this list so that it’s 1) easier for us to see what we need to do, 2) keep track of what we cannot do, and 3) make it easier for you to see our plans for future updates.

What does that mean ‘what we cannot do’?

We will never knowingly translate something that has already been translated or is in progress of being translated by someone.  In the rare event that a translator has given up translating the work and has given us permission to pick it up, the title color will have two colors in it.  For works that were completed or are in progress by another site, check our links to the other fan pages.  Also please don’t harass other translators to update.  It just makes them want to update even less.

Can you translate/update ________?

Please be patient with us.  Updating depends on our schedules and how many translations we have going on or if we find it’s already been translated (we will check first).  In the case of videos, we realize they get deleted all the time, but they always get re-uploaded anyway.  If it was a popular video, we might not do it.  If we don’t have it in our collection and you are willing to scan (neatly) the pages you want translated or send the video, we may translate them for you (if we are able to).  We will give you credit as the supplier.

Can we trade scans/videos?

Sure, if we don’t have it listed here, it probably means we don’t have it.  Send a request to

Completed by X-Press
In Progress by X-Press
Another site’s territory



Hide ALIVE THE MOVIE (interview with hide’s staff and friends)
hide BIBLE (interviews with X, Spread Beaver, hide’s staff and friends, people who admired him)
hide Renaissance (Yokosuka doc comic, Yokosuka 1982 report, h.Naoto, Hiroshi Matsumoto)
Pink Cloudy Sky
Pinky Promise

Band Scores:

Singles~Junk Story



Fan club:

JETS (Vol. 1-4/All)


Akemi Oshima’s Memories Website


hide Private Collection in Yokosuka hide MUSEUM 2000-2005
1128 hide Solo Tour 1996 PSYENCE A GOGO (fan reports)
hide with Spread Beaver Appear!! 1998 Tribal Ja, Zoo (has interviews with band)
Genkai-Haretsu Bomb!!! (Backstage 1998, cards comments, hide/INA interview ja, zoo, guitars comments)


Arena 37c February 1994
Arena 37c March 1994
Arena 37c June 1994
Arena 37c August 1994
Arena 37c November 1994
Arena 37c December 1994
Arena 37c June 1996
Arena 37c July 1996
Arena 37c September 1996
Arena 37c November 1996
Arena 37c December 1996
Arena 37c February 1997
Arena 37c Vol. 189 June 1998
Arena 37c Vol. 190 July 1998
Arena 37c Vol. 195 December 1998
Arena 37c [001] (hide (INA), Sugizo)
Band Yarouze September 1998 (Zilch, Luna Sea, J)
CD Data Vol. 93 March 1994 (report)
Creation Vol. 1 Summer 1998
Fool’s Mate Vol. 200 June 1998
Fool’s Mate Vol. 201 July 1998
GiGS March 1994 (HIDE YOUR FACE)
GiGs October 1996 (PSYENCE)
GiGs February 1997 (hide vs. Kiyoshi -1)
GiGS December 1997 (hide vs. Kiyoshi -2)
GiGS Vol. 147 July 1998
GiGS Vol. 388 January 2014 (hide’s comments on his guitars, INA, Dir en grey)
Guitar Heroes Vol. 1 (Imai, Sugizo, hide)
J-Rockmagazine Vol. 43 December 1998 (Spread Beaver, Kiyoshi (solo), DIE (solo), PAF)
Rockn’f March 1994
Rockn’f June 1994
Rockn’f November 1994
Rockn’f December 1994
Rockn’f Vol. 251 October 1996 (Luna Sea, Pata (solo), Toshi (solo), heath (solo))
Rockn’f November 1996
Rockn’f January 1998
Rockn’f July 1998
Rockn’f December 1998 (Kiyoshi, Luna Sea, Dir en grey)
Rock’N’Roll Vol. 81 January 1994
Rock’N’Roll Vol. 84 April 1994
Rock’N’Roll Vol. 85 May 1994
Rock’N’Roll Vol. 86 June 1994
Rock’N’Roll Vol. 89 September 1994
Rock’N’Roll Vol. 90 October 1994
Rock’N’Roll Vol. 92 December 1994
Rock’N’Roll Vol. 93 January 1995
Rockin’on Japan Vol 151 June 1998
SHOXX Vol. 7 December 1991
SHOXX Vol. 9 April 1992
SHOXX Vol. 12 November 1992
SHOXX Vol. 15 March 1993
SHOXX Vol. 23 March 1994
SHOXX Vol. 25 July 1994
SHOXX Vol. 26 September 1994
SHOXX Vol. 27 November 1994
SHOXX Vol. 31 March 1995
SHOXX Vol. 43 July 1996
SHOXX Vol. 46 November 1996
SHOXX Vol. 47 November 1996 Indian Summer Special
UV Vol. 2 November 1995
UV Vol. 5 March 1996
UV Vol. 7 May 1996
UV Vol. 8 June 1996
UV Vol. 9 July 1996
UV Vol. 10 August 1996
UV Vol. 11 September 1996
UV Vol. 12 October 1996
UV Vol. 13 November 1996
UV Vol. 14 December 1996
UV Vol. 16 February 1997
UV Vol. 17 March 1997
UV Vol. 20 June 1997
UV Vol. 23 September 1997
UV Vol. 26 December 1997
UV Vol. 27 January 1998
UV Vol. 28 March 1998
UV Vol. 30 April 1998
UV Vol. 31 May 1998 (hide & J, Luna Sea, heath)
UV Vol. 32 June 1998
UV Vol. 33 July 1998
UV Vol. 34 August 1998
UV Vol. 35 September 1998 (Luna Sea)
UV Vol. 36 October 1998
UV Vol. 37 December 1998
Vicious Vol. 16 December 1995
We ROCK Vol. 8 (Hiroshi Matsumoto)
We ROCK Vol. 34 (Interview with hide’s guitar and effects specialists, Dir en grey)
We ROCK Vol. 36 September 2013 (hide Museum 2013 Report, TRIBUTE 2&3 Artist Interview, INA, fan)

Video: (updating list)



X Japan

Band Scores:

Blue Blood (interview inside)


Arena 37c Rock N’ Roll Diaries Vol. 1 (Stories: X, Luna Sea, Buck-Tick)

Fan club:

Extasy Club (Vol.1-7)
X-Press (Vol 1-34/All)




Memorial Photo Album – The Final Countdown for 1994 Tokyo Dome (has interviews)
X-ism (long interviews)
Poster Book Psychedelic Crime of Visual Shock


Arena 37c Vol. 131 August 1993 (X Japan film gig report, hide debut report, BUCK-TICK report)
Focus September 1991 (TOSHI gossip)
Focus March 1994 (HIDE gossip)
Fool’s Mate Vol. 118 October 1991
Fool’s Mate I.S. Vol. 3 (Buck-Tick, J)
HYP (Hyper Visual Artist) Vol. 1 October 1989
J-ROCK Magazine Vol. 18 November 1996 (X Japan report, Toshi report, BUCK-TICK report)
On Stage Vol. 16 December 1989
On Stage Vol. 23 May 1990 (Time slip 10 years before and future)
On Stage Special Issue Psychological Tests October 1990
RANDOM Vol. 14 April 1987
Rockn’f June 1988
Rockn’f November 1988 (HIDE)
Rockn’f May 1989 (HIDE)
Rockn’f October 1989 (HIDE, Pata, Taiji)
Rockn’f February 1990 (HIDE)
Rockn’f June 1990 (HIDE & Pata)
Rockn’f August 1990
Rockn’f August 1991
Rockn’f November 1991 (HIDE)
Rockn’f Vol. 218 December 1993 (Yoshiki, Pata)
Rockn’f Vol. 254 January 1997 (hide report, Yoshiki)
Rock’n’Roll Vol. 37 July 1990 (BUCK-TICK)
SHOXX Vol. 7 December 1991 (Yoshiki)
SHOXX Vol. 8 February 1992 (Yoshiki)
SHOXX Vol. 22 March 1994 (Yoshiki)
SHOXX March 1997 (Yoshiki)
SHOXX Wave Vol. 1 April 2008 (21 Items Interview)
Smash Vol. 4 Spring 1990 (HIDE)
X Japan forever hide June 1998

Video: (updating list)

FOOL’S MATE – 1991, Vol.118 October – JEALOUSY TV SPOT REPORT [excerpt] (Yoshiki)
RANDOM – 1987, Vol. 14 April
Rockin’f – 1988, June
Rockin’f – 1988, November (HIDE)
SHOXX – 1991, Vol. 7 – Photo Session Report!! (Yoshiki)
SHOXX – 1992, Vol. 8 February – ‘A to Z’ + Interview [excerpts] (Yoshiki)
SHOXX – 1994,  Vol. 22 March – TEARS TV SPOT REPORT (Yoshiki)
SHOXX – 1997, March – ‘A to Z’ (Yoshiki)