These lyrics were taken from the booklet that was in the ‘Co Gal’ album.  Not much changes from the Spread Beaver version when they sang it during their ‘Ja, zoo’ tour, but obviously this will be the official version.



Co GAL / Teenage Girl [1]

With your shy pose, it’ pre-established harmony [2]
I want to attach myself to your cheerful breasts

A high speed jet flies by
The wind of the world whirls around, a light hearted fuck off, deeply making love

Until the day it all falls apart
I want to eat jelly with you
It’s rumbling but kiss your secret

It’s only numbers, but it’s increasing, the end of the century
Steadily losing and increasing your weight/school scores/money[3]

In the beginning of August, I won’t leave you hanging [4]
I have no intentions.  It’s not a lie.  Really- not.

Until the day it all falls apart
I want to mix jelly with you
Even if everything’s disappearing, let’s embrace

A loveless “kiss” to your ‘there’
A dreamless “kick” to your tomorrow
To the world ending now, “we love you”
To the you yesterday, “bless you”

In your eyes
A tragic video is playing
I can’t hide this awakening of love

A loveless “kiss” to your ‘there’
A dreamless “kick” to your tomorrow
The yesterday I ended, “fuck you”

Until the day it all falls apart
Until the day we burn up
The last count is

[1]. Kogal is a term for high school “gyaru” that was coined from a few years before the year 2000. They were characterized by their loose socks, tanned skin, light hair and general separation from the general accepted norm of a “proper” Japanese school girl. They generally had a bad reputation and was thought to be rude, had strong personalities and promiscuous. When Kogals talked, they had a characteristic way of throwing in random English words into their speech. It was seen as cool/fashionable. Also, I guess there was a characteristic of them being nonsensical so I suppose hide wrote the song like this

[2]Pre-established harmony is a philosophy that’s best explained through Wikipedia. However in the song, it means more like he is talking to the kogal because he knows he can have sexual fun with her without even really knowing her because kogals have that reputation.

[3].  Thank you to Juria and my friend for helping me translate this line ♪

[4]. The beginning of August is about the time all high schools are on summer vacation. Also for the second part, the line literally translated to “not halfway”. I think he’s trying to say that the intention is to “go all the way” or have sex.




恥じらうPOSEで 予定調和
ウキウキバスト 固定状態でゆこう

快速ジェットで くらーい
世間の風けちらして 軽く♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ 深くmakin’ love

ドロドロでも KISS (with font of ‘KISS’ the band) YOUR SECRET XXXX

数だけ ふえる 世紀末
ヌクヌク 回数ふえて やけに ゲソった

8月上じゅん ハンバな
つもりじゃないのよ ほんきさ ウソじゃないさ ホントでなーい

全て消えても 抱きしめ合おう

愛なき 君のソコに kiss
夢なき 君の明日に kick
今 終わる 世界よ we love you
終わらせた アイツに bless you

君の ひとみの中の
惨げき まるで ビデオ
恋心じゃ かくし切れない

愛なき 君のソコに kiss
夢なき 君の明日に kick
終わらせた 昨日に ♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥


*lyrics written as hide himself wrote it.




Hajirau POSE de yoteichouwa
Ukiuki basuto koteijyoutai de yukou

Kaisoku jetto de kura-i
Seken no kaze kechi rashite karuku (fuck off) fukaku makin’ love

Kuzure ochiru sono hi made
Kimi to zeri- wo tabetai

Kazu dake fueru sekimatsu
Nukunuku kaisuu fuete yake ni gesotta

Hachi gatsu jyou jyun hanpana
Tsumori janai no yo honkisa uso janaisa honto de na-i

Kuzure ochiru sono hi made
Kimi to zeri- de majiru
Subete kietemo dakishime aou

Ainaki kimi no soko ni KISS
Yume naki kimi no ashita KICK
Ima owaru sekaiyo WE LOVE YOU
Owaraseta aitsu ni BLESS YOU

Kimi no hitomi no naka no
Sangeki maru de bideo
Koi gokoro ja kakushi kirenai

Ainaki kimi no soko ni KISS
Yume naki kimi no ashita KICK
Owaraseta kinou ni (fuck you)

Kuzure ochiru sono hi made
Futari yake ochiru made
Saigo no kaunto wa