Interviewer: Unknown
Translator: Bunny

B.Pass 1990 May – X Questions & Profile Vol. 1

Q: Birthday, Height, Weight, Blood Type, Shoe Size, Eye Sight

TOSHI: Oct 10, 1965, Type A, 51kg, 168cm, 25cm.
HIDE: S39 (Showa 39) December 13th —————–Type A.
PATA: S40 (Showa 40) November 4th, 170cm, 53kg, Type B, 24.5cm, Bad.
YOSHIKI: Secret.
TAIJI: July 12, 1966, Type B.

Q: Three records that you like best now.

T: Donny Hathaway (Live), Inoue Yousui (Mizu no Sekai), X (Vanishing Vision)
H: Damned (Black Album), Bauhaus (Best), Love & Rockets (Love & Rockets*)
P: KING’S X (Gretchen Goes to Nebraska*), Things like Char, AC/DC
Y: ———-
J: Living Color, Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Q: Three musicians you liked 10 years ago.

T: Kiss, Beatles, Eagles
H: Ace Frehley, Mick Jones, J. Banel
P: Ritchie Blackmore, Cheap Trick, Kiss
Y: ?
J: Takasaki Akira, Ritchie Blackmore, 44Magnum

Q: Your own band’s music that, one way or the other, is impressive to you.

T: All of them
H: ‘Sadistic Desire’
P: ‘Stab Me In The Back’
Y: No Comment
J: No Comment

Q: Your favorite novel, movie, manga.

T: Bashar, Hayao Miyazaki
H: Fellini ‘8 ½’
P: There’s too many to name, I’ll be troubled.
Y: Various.
J: None, ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’, YJ.

Q: A place where you like to compose songs and lyrics.

T: My room.
H: When I’m walking or my room
P: My room.
Y: Various.
J: House, in a car.

Q: A failure during a live.

T: When we were doing live houses, the fire burned too much, everyone’s faces became black.
H: I forgot.
P: I was on spot light and I fell.
Y : ?
J: No comment

Q: The person who came up with the band name.

T: Yoshiki
H: Yoshiki
P: Yoshiki
Y: I guess it was me.
J: Yoshiki

Q: Something that made you smile the most after you had your major debut.

T: I didn’t smile.
H: Toshi’s pool.
P: When our album sold.
Y: I don’t know
J: When fans threw their bras at us.

Q: Something that made you angriest after you had your major debut.

T: I didn’t get angry.
H: Toshi’s pool.
P: There’s too many.
Y: There’s a lot, so I don’t know.
J: When customer’s don’t come.

Q: Your music instrument history.

T: Guitar, bass, piano, I’m not good but I can generally do those.
H: Guitar for 7 years, vocal for 1 year.
P: Guitar for 7-8 years.
Y: Piano for 17 years.
J: Guitar for 7-8 years, bass for 5 years.

Q: How do you spend your free time during a tour and after a live.

T: When I’m tired, I sleep, and I visit famous places like castles and parks.
H: Alcohol.
P: I drink.
Y: I take a bath and sleep.
J: Relax. Drink, see a movie.

Q: Your room’s background music.

T: Quiet music.
H: Bauhouse.
P: Char.
Y: Various.
J: Horror soundtrack, nature music, ballads.

Q: Something that you recently spent a lot of money on.

T: Taxi.
H: Moving.
P: Guitar.
Y: Clothes, car.
J: Furniture.

Q: When you drink, to what extent do you drink, who do you drink with.

T: Bourbon, Shinluchu (an apricot alcohol), I drink until I feel good with my friends.
H: Bourbon with Pata.
P: Bourbon, Nihonshu (Japanese sake), beer, I drink with old friends, or HIDE-chan, I drink quite a bit.
Y: If I get serious I can drink a dozen beers. There are also times I can drink a bottle and a half or two bottles of sake.
J: Half a dozen beers, with my musician friends (Mr. Takasaki).

Q: If you smoke cigarettes, what kind and how much do you smoke.

T: I don’t generally smoke. When I drink alcohol, I smoke menthol lights.
H: 2-3 boxes of Caster.
P: I don’t smoke.
Y: Mild Seven Light – 2 boxes.
J: I smoke about a box a day of Marlboro.

Q: Your interests other than music.

T: Conversations with rocks.
H: Moving
P: Doing nothing, relaxing.
Y: Nothing.
T: Movies I guess.

Q: Your average sleeping time.

T: 6-7 hours
H: 2-3 hours
P: 3-15 hours
Y: At least 3 hours.
J: Around 8 hours, but I can’t sleep over 12 hours.

Q: Your average bathing time and what do you wash first.

T: 10 min, head.
H: 30 min, face.
P: About 20 min.
Y: 40 mins, 3 times (depends how I feel).
J: My head, 15 mins.

Q: What’s the size of the place where you’re living.

T: 1 DK – 1 room, dining room, kitchen.
H: 2K – 2 rooms, kitchen.
P: One room (like a studio).
Y: Secret.
J: 10 tatami room and a 4 ½ tatami kitchen.

Q: Your philosophy of life…..Can you do it.

T: I don’t have one.
H: Let’s clean……I can’t do it.
P: Don’t do troublesome things….I can do it.
Y: Live recklessly…..I can do it.
J: Secret.

Q: Family.

T: Parents, two older brothers.
H: Parents, younger brother, younger brother’s wife.
P: Parents, younger sister.
Y: ?
J: younger sister, older brother, parents, grandmother.

Q: What does your family call you?

T: Toshi.
H: Hide-chan.
P: Tomoaki.
Y: Yoshiki.
J: Taiji, Ta-chan.

Q: What’s your real name.

T: Toshimitsu Deyama (Toshi put the kanji for his first name wrong. He put ‘俊光’, which is pronounced ‘Toshimitsu’ but his real kanji is ‘利三’)
H: Hideto Matsumoto.
P: ?
Y: ?
J: ——–.

Q: Besides the necessities of life, in order continue living and not break.

T: Music.
H: Women.
P: Music.
Y: Music.
J: Music and women I guess.

Q: Extracurricular activities you’ve learned.

T: Cooking things, washing clothes.
H: Kendo, Abacus, Penmanship, Karate, English.
P: Drawing.
Y: Secret.
J: I did penmanship for 3 days and quit.

Q: Household medicine.

T: Ecchuu Toyama the Medicine Peddler (Toyama Medicine – lots of uses)
H: Haichol C (It’s mainly used for hang-overs and skin conditions like acne and eczema)
P: Haichol C
Y: Sedatives.
J: Sedatives, eye drops.

Q: A type of license or certificate you have.

T: Car
H: Cosmetology license, normal car license.
P: Nothing.
Y: Car (normal)
J: Nothing.

Q: The space in a live house that is suitable for you.

T: They’re all suitable.
H: One with a bar.
P: A really huge hall.
Y: Anywhere is fine.
J: Open air or 50,000 person stadium.

Q: Rival band.

T: None.
H: None.
P: None.
Y: There are a lot righ~t?
J: ?

Q: Hair style, costume, your outlook from now on.

T: I don’t know.
H: Let’s not become bald.
P: Nothing special.
Y: I don’t know
J: I change it depending how I feel.

Q: Your style when you’re out on the street.

T: A normal person.
H: An enigmatic Indian.
P: I don’t change that much from my stage appearance.
Y: Varied.
J: I don’t know. I always do what I like.

Q: During a live, the type of girl are your eyes fixated on.

T: Girls who took their clothes off.
H: Girls wearing nothing.
P: Someone who’s holding something.
Y: Topless girls (Occasionally there are).
J: Topless.

Q: A present you receive that makes you happy.

T: Love.
H: Virginity.
P: Anything makes me happy.
Y: Books and perfume.
J: Furniture.

Q: Beauty products and accessories point.

T: I don’t know.
H: Nothing.
P: I collect them all.
Y: Things that suit me. Nothing with an intense smell.
J: If I like it, anything.

Q: Pick up line to a girl.

T: Sing ‘Endless Rain’ into their ear.
H: Let’s do it.
P: No comment.
Y: Secret.
J: I won’t tell.

Q: If you walked in on your lover cheating on you.

T: I would kill them.
H: I would have sex with another girl in front of her.
P: At that time, I would think about it.
Y: Whatever.
J: I would cheat too.

Q: Your ideal way to die.

T: When I die, is the way I die.
H: Die during sex.
P: Drinking at a bar, die lying face down.
Y: That is very deep so, I can’t say it so easily.
J: A car accident with Vince Neil’s car.