Writer: Akemi Oshima
Website: Akemi Oshima’s Rock’N Roll Diary for Web
Translator: Bunny

Oshima: Oh, hide-chan, with that appearance, are you perhaps having second day drunkenness?

hide: I’m far from second day drunkenness, I’m having fourth day drunkenness.

(hangover in Japanese literally means second day drunkenness, so hide is making a joke that he’s on his fourth day of a hangover)

Oshima: If you’re on your fourth day drunkenness, I’m thankful you’re here but I feel guilty as well since today’s topic is alcohol.

hide: It’s nothing. I’m fine.

Oshima: You said that you don’t drink during your solo tour didn’t you?

hide: I drink! You of all people should know right?! (laugh). The day before lives I didn’t drink, but afterwards I drink a considerable amount.

Oshima: How about while you’re traveling the day before? In Nagoya you drank until morning, wasn’t that the day before your live?

hide: Ya, it was. In my case, when I’m not in a state of drunkenness, I can’t travel.

Oshima: Your story is different from yesterday! In an interview for a certain publication you said “I take care of my health during a tour” didn’t you!? (laugh)

hide: Ya but, that’s because we were talking the day before a live (laugh). But you know, being dead drunk while traveling is interesting! You know at the airport with those scanners, when it doesn’t do that “beep”, then you say “excuse me, is it ok if I hijack this plane!?”

Oshima: You’re just an alcoholic aren’t you! From sunrise until sunset.

hide: I’m really a nuisance to others (laugh).

Oshima: Have you recently turned into a hide-zilla?

hide: I only became like that once this tour though.

Oshima: Liar!

hide: No really! It was just once.

Oshima: According to gossip from xxx, it was three times.

hide: Ah….. okay maybe just a few more (laugh). But you know, typically it’s just one time.

Oshima: You know, it seems like we need some clarification on this person called ‘hide-zilla’.

hide: Ya, go ahead.

Oshima: What kind of person is he?

hide: I don’t know! Because I can’t remember.

Oshima: Ok then, it’s the same as Akemi-zilla huh? (laugh)

hide: But there is one thing I do remember, that the bill is incredible.

Oshima: What did you destroy this time?

hide: Everything.

Oshima: Huh? Everything? Everything inside the room?

hide: That’s right. Somehow it was really enjoyable. I wasn’t really angry or anything though you know? I had just returned to the hotel with Joe after someone had invited us out to drink. Then we stood outside INA-chan’s door and called out to him “let’s go drinking”. We knocked on his door. It was this type of scene. Then, we were like “he’s pretending to be out!” so Joe and I kept on knocking on his door.

Oshima: What time was that?

hide: I don’t know. I think maybe around 6:00. So then, we both were banging on his door, and our mood escalated to the point that we had forgotten our original intention to invite INA-chan out to drink and the only thing we could think about was opening that door! Then I grabbed the fire extinguisher and started using it to beat down the door. As I said before, when I began to ram the door, I was already excessively drunk, so just like this, I returned to my room, but I didn’t stop acting violently.

Oshima: Ahh, so you had an outburst of anger. That poor hotel room…..

hide: but, it was really amusing! After I woke up, my room became like another dimension.

Oshima: Huh. You mean, you went to sleep after being in a complete rage?

hide: Ya. Various things had committed suicide by jumping from the window….

Oshima: You’re still the same as always (laugh).

hide: Ran-chan was in the room next to mine, but he said that with all the “BANG!” noises coming from my room, suppose he were to look in my room, he would see a chair flying (laugh).

Oshima: That.. can one person do all that!?

hide: Ya. Since at that time, everyone was already taking refuge.

Oshima: But you remembered all that?

hide: Ordinarily, I don’t really remember, but that day I did after waking up in the morning and evaluating the expression on the faces of the truly admirable hotel staff.

Oshima: Up until now when you are Mr. Drunkard, what is the most memorable?

hide: When I made my debut. At that time, no one was around and I was by myself. I was walking on ‘Ome Highway’ holding a stop sign.

Oshima: Was the reason to stop cars?

hide: I really don’t know (laugh). I was a walking bozoku (a biker/driving delinquent.. hide’s making a pun because you normally see bozoku on motorbikes, not walking).

Oshima: You can remember it?

hide: Ya, for some reason I remember it. Then I myself went to the police station.

Oshima: What did you say? “I’m a walking bozoku so please arrest me” !?

hide: It was winter and since it was cold, I went to the police box while holding the sign and said “Please let me warm up a little.” But, there was a serious reason I had behaved so.

Oshima: Anger?

hide: Sadness.

Oshima: As expected, when you hide-zilla comes out, there is a reason for it huh.

hide: There are also times when there isn’t!

Oshima: There are times when there aren’t huh.

hide: Even for Akepii (Akemi’s nickname) there are times when their aren’t right?

Oshima: I really don’t think so…. Recently I’ve really been thinking you know. After I become Akemi-zilla, my girlfriends say “Ake-chan, don’t you think that you are accumulating suffering in your heart?” and they really worry for me. But, I myself really have no idea.

hide: I know right. The motive isn’t necessary. Like the saying “at an age where even the slightest things seem funny” (laugh). (this saying usually refers to girls)

Oshima: Possibly even “at an age where even the slightest thing makes you rage about” (laugh).

hide: I have a feeling that involves quite an age difference but, well, I don’t really care.

Oshima: I don’t rage about though..

hide: Do you dance? (laugh)

Oshima: But you know, in hide-chan’s case, you get injured a lot don’t you?

hide: That sort of thing happens a lot!

Oshima: The most famous incident is the day before a live…….

hide: This one right? (sticks out his right hand). I can’t completely close my hand because it’s deformed. Most likely the day before the first day of the tour, it was during Exstasy Summit at Shibuya Public Hall wasn’t it?

Oshima: Did you hit something?

hide: Someone.

Oshima: The hand you used to hit someone had become like this then your opponent must surely…..

hide: It didn’t hurt (laugh).

Oshima: It’s a bone fracture isn’t it?

hide: I don’t know. I went to the doctor, but I hadn’t done any emergency procedures, so my hand is like this. When I’m drunk, there is no such thing as a bone fracture.

Oshima: HUH, really?

hide: For a bone to break, is there really such a thing?

Oshima: ……..there is.

hide: [For my hand to be like this] Then I couldn’t have possibly hit some guy huh? (laugh).

Oshima: There’s no way! There’s a similar story, some guy was drunk and he was walking along a road and he and all of his friends were playing by jumping off of rocks. The guy thought “I want to jump off somewhere higher”, so he jumped off the roof of a car. It seems that he failed the landing and the broke the bones on the top of his foot.

hide: Was it his own car?

Oshima: No, it was just a car that was stopped in the area.

hide: That’s awful~

Oshima: But, at the time, he thought it was nothing. Then, he walked back home and the next morning it happened that he was in pain and he couldn’t walk.

hide: So because of that he broke his spine?

Oshima: It wasn’t his spine! I said it was the top of his foot!

hide: Ohhh, I was surprised. Breaking your spine and then walking home, I thought that definitely this person was not a human (laugh).

Oshima: In the past, you perhaps had a habit of jumping off things when you were drunk.

hide: Ohh, in Urayasu right?

Oshima: At the time of Toshi’s NHK Hall live, everyone went to drink at Urayasu hotel right? Then, we jumped off the interview platform.

hide: While saying “DIVING!” right? We were stupid huh~

Oshima: After that, we had more instances of stupidity, don’t you remember?

hide: Which story are you talking about? I have too many stupid stories so I don’t know.

Oshima: The uchiage (completion party) on the day you finished the filming of ‘Seth et Holth’.

hide: Ahh, at that bar where we just started dancing. “Soul Train Oshima” right?

Oshima: That was just the beginning. A certain someone was rolling around in the middle of an intersection weren’t they?

hide: Ah, you did such a thing?

Oshima: That was you wasn’t it!!!

hide: Huh, me?? That couldn’t have been me~ was it only me?

Oshima: I probably did a little of that too (laugh).

hide: After that there were more and more amazing things.

Oshima: Ohh, when we went to Ebisu convenience store…..

hide: You shoplifted (laugh).

Oshima: That wasn’t shoplifting! It was just that I started eating the candy before I paid for it! That’s all!

hide: That’s something a shoplifter would say! Or a dine and dasher!

Oshima: But when I gave hide-chan that pocky, you happily ate it!

hide: That’s not the point~ (laugh).

Oshima: If the shopkeeper wasn’t there for me to pay, I really would have been arrested probably.

hide: ‘Akemi Oshima, xx years old, shoplifted a convenience store and arrested’ sounds so uncool. You’re not a Viking so, you can’t just indiscriminately eat anything that’s around! (laugh)

Oshima: In one month, about how many times does hide-zilla make his appearance?

hide: You’re going to ask such a scandalous question?! Recently, not too much.

Oshima: Really? You’ve become an adult, hide-chan?

hide: No, but if I think of becoming one, I could become one.

Oshima: You don’t need to force yourself to do it (laugh).

hide: Because I remember that I become hide-zilla when I drink together with something and something.

Oshima: Huuuuh, tell me!

hide: I won’t! Such a thing. It’s so embarrassing, I won’t tell other people.

Oshima: Its beer and nihonshu. This combination is your weakness!

hide: It’s not! Beer is surprisingly okay.

Oshima: What’s the alcohol that you drink the most?

hide: Is it nihonshu? I also do Bourbon but, I don’t drink it that much.

Oshima: Which reminds me, you were really devoted to nihonshu for a period of time right?

hide: That continues to this day! I mean, I don’t drink only that though! The truth is I really like Bourbon the best, but I’m not good at drinking Bourbon because when I drink Bourbon, various incidents happen. My experiences up until now…..

Oshima: Now that you mention it, you’ve been drinking Bourbon for a long time but I’ve never seen you drink it.

hide: If I drink nihonshu, even if something happens, I can somehow or other remember but with Bourbon I really don’t remember. It seems like when I do, “I wake up dead”, so it’s scary. When I drink Bourbon, I almost immediately always want to die after.

Oshima: As for the various types of alcohol, there are uppers and downers right?

hide: Right. Anyway, it seems like I’m bad with western liquor. In a flash, I become really cheerful and then depressed (laugh).

Oshima: I’m really bad with wine.

hide: Wine is scary. That is a frightening alcohol.

Oshima: And I love it, but it’s scary so I can’t drink it so I’m sad (laugh).

hide: Ah~, At any rate, we can’t be careless with alcohol~ (laugh).

Oshima: Compared to before, have you had severe hangovers?

hide: I have.

Oshima: Before, there weren’t many people who got hangovers so much?

hide: Even if drank with alcohol left over, I wasn’t incapable of moving. Despite this, now I can’t even stand up. Just like today, in the morning, I was diligently trying to wake up, but I couldn’t stand (laugh). Summer time is good. I can sleep until I’m dripping with sweat without turning on the air conditioner and by doing this I can sweat out about a third of the alcohol.

Oshima: Your home becomes like a sauna huh?

hide: My futon really reeks of alcohol (laugh).

Oshima: hide-chan, you don’t have a method for stopping a hangover?

hide: Nope! I don’t do anything except drink oolong tea. After, although I’m hung over, I eat a lot! Like today I ate cup ramen and various other things.

Oshima: Even in that state of having a hangover, when it’s evening, you want to drink right?

hide: No. Recently I don’t feel like I really want to drink. Well, lately I drink every day until morning. However, I don’t think that I want to voluntarily go and drink the next day after a hangover. It’s just that unexpectedly, an interesting event follows and I’m going to drink again.

Oshima: Although there are a lot of people who even if having a hangover, have another drink and brighten up huh?

hide: Ah, having another drink in the morning right? That’s Pata. (laugh) But the healthiest way of drinking is from 10:00 to 3:00, after that, I think everyone follows this pattern to leave.

Oshima: Before, you followed this pattern right? But, now, why don’t you? From 6:00 to 7:00 drinking and then leaving? (laugh)

hide: Even so, its fine! (laugh)

Oshima: When you’re in LA do you drink?

hide: I guess every other day when there’s an event or something.

Oshima: On days where there aren’t any events, do you drink at home?

hide: Generally I don’t.

Oshima: Ok, so, on days that you haven’t drunk at all, how is it?

hide: It’s wonderful! On days when I’m making songs, I don’t drink at all. I go to drink when I’ve finished though. On days where I don’t feel like I need to drink, I try not to drink as much as possible.

Oshima: Is that something that could be said to be healthy?……

hide: No, you should drink at an amount and pace that’s suited for you. Take Pata for example, he drinks slowly so his body had become familiar with that. I just without warning drink all the alcohol in sight… it’s certainly wrong. It’s to the point that I feel like I drink alcohol as if I’m drinking water or oolong tea. It wasn’t like that in the beginning.

Oshima: For hide, regardless of how frequent you drink, your drinking pace is the same huh?

hide: I’m fast. Beer or even nihonshu, the pace is the same.

Oshima: Because of that, you’re headed for hell at full speed. (laugh)

hide: But, I drink and talk a lot don’t I? After thinking about what I said, I become embarrassed/troubled.

Oshima: Speaking of which, for hide, you have a lot of drunk patterns huh.

hide: I have bad habits of becoming preachy, of acting violently, getting angry……

Oshima: You also are strangely bright, and are in high spirits.

hide: During those times, is what I hate the most, because I become preachy.

Oshima: I never thought that you sound preachy.

hide: No, just because it doesn’t happen as often doesn’t mean that I don’t do it…. Yesterday too, I became preachy. When I recall what happened, I become really ashamed. Because of that, this morning, I became really self-loathing.

Oshima: What do you mean by self-loathing? In the morning when you wake up, and the inside of your head is blank, you hate yourself?

hide: When I don’t remember anything it’s a blessing.

Oshima: Is that so? So when you remember it’s like, ‘oh I did this’ and ‘oh I said that’ you are disgusted with yourself and don’t want to leave your house.

hide: For me it’s like, if there are remnants of what happened, those memories are come rushing back (laugh). I just want to forget everything. If I don’t know then I didn’t do it.

Oshima: To put it simply, whether you remember or don’t remember, when you are drunk, afterwards you hate yourself?

hide: That’s why I said no matter what I shouldn’t drink. Anyway, I said this and that, but when I drink alcohol, it’s fun.

Oshima: So you’re saying that you absolutely won’t quit?

hide: That’s right. (laugh)