*In this interview, fans sent in their own comments following a nine point survey.  There are some questions that the members didn’t respond to.  The enquette was half a survey half an interview.  The number before the fan’s comments/questions correspond to the following nine points.*

  1. The first time you discovered ‘X’, how did it happen?
  2. How many times have you come to an ‘X’ live.
  3. Please write the best two songs you like from their musical composition.
  4. Which hall do you think you want to see X’s live at?
  5. Besides ‘X’ which band do you like?
  6. Do you know of the monthly publication, ‘On Stage’?
    No 2. I know the name 3. I’ve bought it and read it before.
  7. Are you thinking of buying the issue for ‘A Five Month Plan’ from ‘On Stage’?
    I’ll definitely buy all of them      2.  I won’t buy all of them      3. I have no interest
  8. How are you feeling about the upcoming Budokan concert?
    Completely satisfied      2. Well, it was good      3. I was a little disappointed      4. Unpleasant
  9. Send in your own message to one member.
    Write your sex, age, occupation, name and address


First is from TAIJI!

9 – To TAIJI-san: I want to make it so that you even rival up against Billy Sheehan and Helloween, an amazing bassist (as a representation of Japan)!  Although I already think you’re that good anyway! (20 yrs/♂)

TAIJI: This makes me so happy.  I’m not exactly there yet, I hope to become something like those guys someday……

8 – Completely satisfied – Because TAIJI did his bass solo so it was decided because of that. (24 yrs/)

TAIJI: X fans you know, for their favorite members, they really put all their heart into loving them.  For me recently, there are a lot of male fans.  As for my fans, I have many like this (Example: “All members will read this!”[a kind of polite speech in the original Japanese] will become like “Definitely read it!” [typical boy’s/rough speech in the original Japanese]).  Yoshiki’s fans have the feeling like “Yoshiki-sama~♡”, but you know my fans, male or female are only like “Taiji, you bastard [original Japanese was ‘てめぇー’]” (laugh).  It’s strangely cheerful.  I wonder why.  Probably because my friends call me that way, always.

9 – TAIJI-san, congratulations on getting married. (17yrs / ♀)

TAIJI: What the hell.  A lot of rumors have been flying around.  Things like I got married in the back of Osaka Castle and I’m quitting the band and stuff (laugh).  Those are all lies so please relax.

Next up is from Toshi

9 – I want to share a common destiny with X!  If you say “Believe it!” I will be so happy! (16yrs/♀)

TOSHI: Ya.  If I say it too I’ll become emotional (laugh).  But seriously, that really makes me feel good.  After all when I stand on stage I can understand everything.  Seeing everyone’s faces and their reactions, “they were waiting for us huh” I feel it deeply.  And those become the nature and words that come out.

9 – Toshimitsu are you well? (18yrs/♀)

TOSHI: Ahaha.  Don’t talk to me with such familiarities!

9 – Damnit TOSHI, come and jump onto the 2nd floor [of a live house]! (17yrs/♀)

TOSHI: No way, there’s quite some distance isn’t there.  Tell me a way that I can.  I want to do something like that though, please wait for me on that side.

And then HIDE

9 – During HIDE’s solo I lost my voice and stood paralyzed.  Don’t tell me it was a spell?  I also wanted to be the mannequin. (17 yrs/♀)

HIDE: If there are people whose body is “eight heads tall” [example], I want to ask your assistance.  Actually I want to use real humans.

9 – I think that leaving the bra unhooked was really popular [I guess the mannequin?] (just jostled around is kind of lame).  Is is true that HIDE-chan’s head is “huge”? (18 yrs/♀)

HIDE: It really is……, isn’t it okay for a human’s head to be like that.  Leave me alone! (laugh)

8 – Oh my god, it was so good!  HIDE-chan, your voice reminds me of Akira Fuse.  HIDE-chan’s rock world feels like Jun Togawa. (16 yrs/♀)

HIDE: If it’s the Jun-chan from the past then I’m happy.

And also from PATA

9 – Even though HIDE-san and TAIJI-san are both doing solos, I wonder why PATA-san isn’t doing any?  PATA-san, please do a solo.  Even if it’s not for very long, it’s okay, you can even just drink Jack Daniels. (17 yrs/♀)

PATA: U~h…… maybe someday, but you know.  Now I say some things in songs (Example: Stab Me In The Back) and it’s enough for me.

1 – The year before last during Fall, I heard about you from a friend.  In my first year in school, the teacher I hated share the same destiny as you because his nickname was also Pata. (15 yrs/♀)

PATA: To be linked to something you hate is s.. so…… I don’t like it (laugh).

8 – Even if you’re tired, the point of cutting corners is bad (laugh) [maybe he made a mistake in the live] (20 yrs/♀)

PATA: Ahaha, geez.  Ah, but it’s true huh.

And finally from YOSHIKI

9 – To Yoshiki: If the person you liked fainted, I want to know what you would think. (22 yrs/♀)

YOSHIKI: U~h. That is.. not good but huh.  But, humans with that kind of personality can’t be confined.

9 – Don’t worry too much.  The people looking at you will feel pain. (18 yrs/♀)

YOSHIKI: I don’t over think things.  Not that much (laugh).

9 – If you faint from illness I will nurse both your body and soul (27 yrs/♀)

YOSHIKI: At times when I faint.  I receive a lot of nutritious foods and health products.  Currently, I get sent a lot of stuff by people saying “please eat this” and I receive yams and stuff, it’s great.  I become deeply emotional.  Ya……  I think that I’m not just one person’s body (said with deep emotion).