**If there were any I missed, let me know**

Tetsu (D’erlanger) – PINK SPIDER keep loud!

CUTT – I uploaded a video of ‘Hurry Go Round’ which I sang at a live the day before. hide-san, spring has come again hasn’t it?

INA – Generally things like hide’s CDs or DVDs, I don’t listen to them, and I don’t watch them, but, after all today is a special day so, while I was thinking about the past, I listened to one song, Dahlia. It’s so cool~ Before I go to sleep, just one more! Cheers!

D.I.E. – At this time (May 2nd, 2:15am) 16 years ago we were celebrating after the recording of ‘Rocket Punch’ huh.. We were drinking at Gotanda….

official_hide – hide Memorial Day May 2, 2014 ever free pic.twitter.com/TcTsoF3pAQ

Teru (Glay) – Good morning! The morning sun feels good! It’s the memorial day of my great senpai, HIDE. I will always remember in my heard HIDE’s kindness. I don’t want to forget it. By the way, since our event of BAT-FM is quicklet approaching, I’m earnestly practicing at recital. Today too, let’s have a fun day!

Chirolyn – Today is a special day. Although today is a sad day, why do I feel so refreshed? I’m gonna drink from noon~ Cheers to the
Japanese Rock & R&B gods! Let’s love one another~ ♥️

Kiyoshi – “Nobody plays like you!” At that time, I felt so embarrassed but I was incredibly happy. Even now those words still support me. It was turned into encouragement that plays the music within me. Is “Spread Beaver” a Special Ed class? As one member it’s my pride. I’ll dare to say it all in a single phrase, it’s “I love you!”.

Yoshiki #RIP #HIDE You are always in my heart.. We will play together with #Xjapan again.. #WeAreX I’ll also play #WithoutYou pic.twitter.com/7rByx9HcPn

Hitsugi (Nightmare) – On this day of this year as well, I feel I can get through it strongly. Since the events of that day is what changed my perspective on life.

J (Luna Sea) – Today is hide-nii’s Memorial Day. From the time that we spent together, I remembered so many things. I’m thankful for all of it. We love hide!!

Hisashi (Glay) – I changed my icon♪ see you in spring! *he changed his background to hide’s ‘Yellow Hearts’ guitar*

Sugizo (Luna Sea, X Japan) – This day has come again… The day hide and Kiyoshiro Imawano departed. Let’s do our best at our own place until the day I accomplish what I should do and leave for your place. My dear brother… SGZ ((Thanks so much Sugizo for translating your own tweet lol))

Show Ayanocozey (Kishidan) – It’s been said from people who knew hide-san, “your voice quality and image is very similar to hide huh?” However, it seems as if the actual hide-san wasn’t as gentle as me (laugh). He was very direct, so if he was annoyed he would seem say so immediately.

RT@momoqst – was there such a side to hide-san?

When our manager worked in CLUB of Ebisu, HIDE came to the store, and I heard that he went on a violent rampage, but then came to the store the next day by himself and apologized. From that event, a photo was taken of our manager and hide.

JOE – (4/30) I relearned some songs. *picture of Ja, Zoo album* Although I said that, they were songs I’ve already done before. The biggest problem is when I listen to the songs, I start to cry. I can’t continue rehearsing!!

(5/2) It’s hide’s memorial day, but MadBeavers did a rehearsal. It’s already been 16 years huh. I’ll do my best at the live!

Mayuko’s Mom – On May 2nd, I did a little rearranging!! fb.me/2sXzPWC06