Translators: Bunny and yasashiikisu

hide: um, like, we are X. Um, like, here we.. we are in front of the Sea of Japan but… huh? I am the guitarist, hide.

Pata: it’s really cold. I’m the guitarist, Pata.

Taiji: uhh.. being free is nice!! I’m the bassist, Taiji

hide: All of us three, umm.. here… in the studio.. uhh.. ? We all came to the sea! The reason being is to return to nature! Actually, we were in Niigata a while back. Anyway, this time, on June 13th at ‘Niigata Ongakukan’ (Niigata Music Building) right?

Staff: Excuse me it’s ‘Niigata Ongaku Bunka Kaikan’ (Niigata Music and Culture Hall)

hide: ‘Ongakukaikan’ (Music Hall) right? .. huh??

Staff: No, it’s ‘Niigata Ongaku Bunka Kaikan’ (Niigata Music and Culture Hall)

hide: ‘Niigata Ongakukaikan’ (Niigata Music Hall) right?

Staff: It’s ‘Niigata Ongaku Bunka Kaikan’ (Niigata Music and Culture Hall)

hide: You mean ‘Niigata Ongakaikan’ (Niigata Mus [hide cut off the last syllable for ‘music’]?) Ah!

Staff: It’s ‘Niigata Ongaku Bunka Kaikan’ (Niigata Music and Culture Hall)!

Pata and Taiji: *laugh*

hide: ‘Niigata Ongakaikan’ (Mus [he cut off the last character for ‘music’..again!] Hall!)

Staff: ‘Bunka Kaikan!’

hide: Ah, I mean it’s ‘Niigata Ongaku Bunka Kaikan’ (Niigata Music and Culture Hall) Eh..

*Old woman passes by in front of the camera*

hide: ah, sorry aunty.. that you had to see this kind of face.

Pata: *laugh*

hide: uhhh.. At Niigata Ongaku Bunka Kaikan, we’re going to do a live. Everyone in Niigata, anyway, come! Anyway, Woo-woody, woody live, uhhh, during the woody live, it was really wild, for everyone’s warmth and fun, thank you so much. Anyway, Pata-san, the upcoming Niigata show?

Pata: The next Niigata live… it’s good right? How should I say it?

hide: The Sea of Japan…

Pata: Well, talking in front of the Sea of Japan and seeing it, well, like at the time during Woody.. *hide says something I can’t hear* I thought, ‘ah’. *hide talking* Ahh! *hide keeps talking* It’s not about you! *hide talking* Saying anything you like fool!? *hide talking* No!! *hide talking* Noo!! *hide talking* I- *Taiji says something*

hide: My face?? What will happen to my face?! [wtf are they talking about?? XD]

Pata: It always seems what I say is wrong!! It’s good isn’t it!?!? Do as you like and after it seems you want it!

hide: What should we do with hentai fans?

Taiji: *says something but you can’t hear it*

hide: The sea will make it easier for us do deal with them [I’m like 100% sure he means to have sex]

Taiji: The sea… it gives us… heart.

hide: Um, the most quiet ones are these guy here. Umm, umm, being across here from the sea is um.. [yasashiikisu and I can’t understand what he’s saying for most of this. Yasashii says that he’s making a play on words with being quiet and the scenery, but can’t quite understand it because he talks so fast and he also talks about thoughts in their big head??] Anyway, everyone in Niigata, on June 13th at the ‘Ongaku Bunka Taiikukan’ (Music and Culture Gymnasium), no! The Music-

*Old man passes by*

hide: ah, uncle! Good morning! *gets ignored* Ah, you’re busy please excuse me! Umm, ‘Ongabunkai’ (Mus-Cul-Hall [he cuts of ‘music’ and ‘culture’ this time]) err. Bunkakai (Culture Hall)… Anyway! X on April 21st, our album, ‘Blue Blood’, is being released. Everyone, all of us members, the 5 of us… I’ve only said weird things but, the 5 of us created this album… the 5 of us created this album, so please listen to it. Everyone, come to ‘Niigata Bunka’ (Niigata Culture) *laugh* What is it??

Pata and Taiji: ‘Ongaku Bunka Kaikan’ (Music and Culture Hall)!

hide: right! *laugh* Everyone, ‘Niigata Bunka Kaikan’ (Niigata Culture Hall)!

Staff: Niigata Ongaku Bunka Kaikan! (Niigata Music and Culture Hall)

Pata: YOU! *slaps hide’s head*

hide: right! Ongaku Kaikan! (Music Hall) Niigaku, Niigaku [He’s trying to say ‘Niigata’.. Jesus hide XDD], no wait! *laugh* It’s not Niigaku! *laugh*

Pata and Taiji: NIIGATA ONGAKU BUNKA KAIKAN! (Niigata Music and Culture Hall)

hide: I\m all wrong! Niigata Ongaku.. Ongaku Bunka.. Taiikukan! (Niigata Music… Music and Culture.. Gymnasium) Uhh….?

Pata and Taiji: IT’S NOT ‘TAIIKUKAN’ (Gymnasium)! *laughs and slaps hide on the head*

hide: *laugh* uhhhh… *stands up and turns around* THE SEA OF JAPAN!

*guy on bicycle approaches*

hide: wait, I want to try this guy here! Bro!! Have you ever heard of X??

Pata and Taiji: *laugh*

Guy: huh…?

hide: Have you ever heard of X?

Guy: No..

hide: Aww.. well we’re this kind of band. Well on June 13th, we’re going to play at ‘Niigata Ongaku Bunka Kaikan’ (Niigata Music and Culture Hall). To say that you’ll come.. how about it?

Guy: I’ll come.

hide: You’ll come? Are you a fan? Please, let’s look at the sea of Japan together!